I Always find the best people on instagram. This guy was no different. I love people that have a passion for what they do. I love shades but this guy is not only a lover of shades, he is an educator of shades. I had to interview him!!


1. When did you fall in love with fashion?
I’d have to say my when I was in high school. That’s when I really became conscious of my style.

2. Tell my readers about your business
My website “In Search Of” has been a dream of mine for many years that I finally made come true last Aug. I specialize in providing the finest of vintage eyewear for the best price.

3. What is your fav brand of vintage frames? It’s a tie between Christian Dior & Playboy. They were both made with Optyl, my favorite material, and they have a huge catalog of amazing designs. Both lines men’s and Women’s lines are amazing. With varied designs to fit any, face, style even personalities. I always find it hard to sell Dior or Playboy because I want to keep them for myself.

4. What’s your fav designer of all?
That’s a tough one. I love Karl Lagerfeld, Yves Saint Laurent, Emilio Pucci, Ralph Lauren, Pierre Cardin. But if I had to choose I’d say Ralph Lauren. Through out my life his line has always been there helping me show the world my personothrough style.

5. What made you start your business?
To be frank with you I started my business for two reasons. First to educate the masses on the value of sunglasses. Most people look at frames as just simple accessories and nothing more. And I can understand that because most people are used to the mass produced trash made now a days. But I want to show people the care that went into the design and production of them. I like to call frames wearable art because it was true visionaries that crafted them. Secondly I just love seeing people in a great pair of glasses. Nothing bothers me more than seeing a person in horrible glasses. Lol I’m a bit of a weirdo.

6. What was the first pair of designer sunglass you purchased?
My first pair I ever purchased was the St. Moritz 404.

7. What is your fav pair of shades?
Hands down the Alpina M1. Huge well constructed beauty that comes in a plethora of colors. And they fit my massive head perfectly.

8. What’s the most sought after shade for your customer?
It’s not just one frame that’s sought after. Many people are after different frames that have been popular for years from such as the Cazal 858, Porsche 5623, Jean Paul Gaultier 56-8272, etc…

9. How long have you been collecting shades?
I’ve been collecting frames since the winter of 2007.

10. What’s next for your business?
Im hoping to expand my website to a physical store hopefully and possibly create my own frame. But who knows what the future might hold.




Some of the rare frames on the site….


The closet re-do business is huge esp for celebrity’s. So many times they wear items once and never again so it’s good to sell them and allow someone else to rock it. StarWearsClothing is ran by a mother daughter team Crystal (mom) and Alaysha (daughter) who feel like Everyone is a star and should be able to wear the “Finer things”. I love to see strong woman and I always want to see how they fell in love with fashion. Below is our chat!!


1. When did you fall in love with fashion?

Crystal –Since I was in kindergarten! When I look back at my style I always wore trendy fashionable pieces, #TBT is a testament to that!
Alaysha: Funny enough I had no style whatsoever until I was sixteen. Previously I had to wear uniforms for school so I never really thought about my clothes. I started modeling again when I was sixteen and that sparked my love for fashion.

2. What made you start a biz in the fashion?

Crystal – I spent a lot of time with my friend Shanice who is a Grammy nominated singer and she always had tons of clothes and half of them were barely worn or never worn. One day I was over her house and she had bags full of clothes that she was giving to the Good Will but they were either new or in excellent condition. I thought hmmmm….I’ve always looked for deals when I shopped. I thought why not gather items from different celebrities and offer it for affordable prices. I’ve have always remained stylish but on a single parent budget! From there Star Wears Clothing was born…I asked my daughter to be my partner because she is more tech savvy and she’s very organized! Not to mention, she is very business savvy and managed her modeling gigs since she was 16!

3. What is your fav fashion item you own?

Crystal – My Black Gucci handbag and My BCBG shoes that I’ve been wearing for years!
Alaysha: I love my timeless Calvin Klein strappy heels. They are nude and go with absolutely everything. These heels are definitely my go-to.

4. Who is your dream client?

Crystal – I would love to work with Tia and Tamara, The Game, and Queen Latifah, and my style icon, Rihanna.
Alaysha: We have completely opposite styles. She is more trendy, urban, and sporty so we have different closets we want to raid! I stick to the classics with more bohemian and edgy accents. I would love to get my hands on the closets of the Olsen twins and Solange.

5. What’s the hardest part of your job?

Crystal – The hardest part of my job is my time being divided from working in so many departments, I am IT, Marketing, Shopper, PR, and CEO! From day-to-day I have to juggle working in each department but the good news is that I love working in each department!
Alaysha: Sitting at the computer for hours editing photos can be mundane. Although whenever I need a break I step outside and I am back to normal.

6. Whats the easy part of your job?

Crystal – Customer Service I love making our customers feel special!

Alaysha: I love editing the selections for our celebrity closets. My mom will take everything so that’s when I step in with the no’s! It’s amazing getting to be a personal shopper for all of our awesome customers!

7. Whats your fav vintage find?

Crystal- My favorite Vintage find are two items Givenchy shoes (on website) and this vintage blazer that I brought for Alaysha. The blazer is not on our website but I let my friends borrow it because they love it too! (see picture).
Alaysha: I have to agree that the vintage sequin blazer she bought for me is one of my most treasured items.

8. Where’s your fav vintage shop?(besides yours)

Playclothes Vintage Fashions they service movies and television shows and can recreate any time period…it’s so much fun shopping in Playclothes!

9. Whats your fav place to shop?

Crystal – I love to shop in Celebrity Closets because I can get a range from hi to low name brands.
Alaysha: I would describe my style as minimalistic with hints of bohemian and rocker vibes. Free People fuels my inner hippie.

10. Whats your fav designer?

Crystal – It’s hard to just choose one because I love so many different designers but I can say some of my favorites are Gucci, Chanel, and BCBG.
Alaysha: Rebecca Minkoff is my favorite!


Check out this mom and daughter duo below and some of the items they carry….

Website,Instagram, Facebook, Twitter


Mom and daughter




After going all natural with my hair, I pay more attention to hair care and instagram is a huge market for that. I have never tried Milk + Honey, but I will soon (wink wink) lol. I am most impressed with Tasha (the owner/creator). I love a woman that is determined and ready to just jump in. I love when I think one way about how someone will answer and I’m completely wrong!! I love that she takes chances and doesn’t believe in failure!! I also love that she believes in hard work. Please support this young smart and fab woman!! *ALIX*

Q:What made you start your business?

A:I first went natural back in 2007. My hair was very damaged. At that time,

blogs and websites weren’t really available (except Fotki) to help a girl

like me with this new hair texture. I quickly learned that this would be

something I’d have to figure out on my own. I tried using some of my old

relaxed hair products on my hair and it was horrific! I even tried using

the pre blended oils from the beauty supply store to moisturize my hair.

NOTHING! There wasn’t a product on the shelves in any store that worked on

my hair! I have always been gifted with my hands and paired with my love

for extensive research, I began to read about different raw ingredients

that were good for moisturizing hair. After many failed attempts, I

created an all natural hair butter and began using it. My hair loved it! I

began allowing some of the ladies at my church who had young daughters

with natural hair, to use my hair butter. They loved it too! Double

success! I thought that I may have been onto something! I began to create

the brand and the company around this new hair butter. That’s where it all

began! I started The Barefruit Company back in 2009 and today it is the

parent company to MILK + HONEY, Twice the Slice (marketing, design & pr)

and Modest Eden (body care launching summer ’14).

Q:. What was the hardest part of starting your company.

A: The hardest part about starting MILK + HONEY was starting it! I have been

a designer and brand strategist for years. I help people start businesses

all of the time. However, when it comes to my own business, I become even

more of a perfectionist. I think just for the MILK + HONEY product labels,

it took me an entire year to settle on a design. Notice I said settle. I

would design, and redesign and design some more, then I’d tweak this and

that. Before I knew it, I had totally missed my launch date! I have to

fight myself often when developing my own products. Its much easier when I

work with clients in creating their brands because I have them to critique

and give me instructions.

Q: Who do you look up to?

A: Its a tie! I totally admire Phylicia Rashad. Her very presence just exudes

class. She’s confidant and demands respect. She is absolutely beautiful! I

mean, who doesn’t love Claire Huxtable? On the other hand, I look up to Les Wexner. He is the Founder of LimitedBrands, which is the parent company to Bath and Body Works, Victoria’s Secret and The Limited. Limited Brands has been around for over 50 years and they are among the top most profitable corporations in the world. As a

serial entrepreneur and lover of business, I can’t help but admire his


Q: Where can we find your products?

A: You can find MILK + HONEY on our website and on


Q: What is the biggest accomplishment so far?

A:Our biggest accomplishment was getting MILK + HONEY on Curlmart. Our first

major online retail store! We are extremely excited about it.

Q: What are your fav products you sale?

A: Its a tie between the Hydrating Hair Custard and the Curl Delight Mist.

That duo is unstoppable! They keep my texture poppin’ for days!

Q: What is your advice for someone trying to start their own business.

A: This is a tough question. I’ve been in entrepreneurship for the past nine

years. I’ve had lots of perceived failures and successes. My advice would

be that you don’t fail until you’ve quit. Don’t allow setbacks to paralyze

you and move you off course. Allow mistakes to become learning

opportunities and not stumbling blocks. Keep your vision close to heart.

People will always question you, make suggestions and say things that are

not in line with what the vision of your business is. Take the meat and

throw away the bones. (as my husband would say) Be persistent. Be

consistent…and most of all LOVE IT!

Q: Fav blog?

A: I like to stay on top of business news, Huffington Post keeps

me in tune with news, Mediabistro for marketing and pr, and the MILK +

HONEY blog. Ha! Shameless plug :) I have to be quite honest. Reading my

answer to this question made me feel like a complete nerd!

Q: Must have Beauty item Togo?

A: Modest Eden lip balm! I honestly don’t wear makeup often. *gasp* I know, I

know. I’m a simple girl. Kinda quirky and whimsical. I only dazzle it up

when I dress for church or meetings. So, ok…when I do wear makeup, my

must have is Maybeline Super Stay Stain Gloss (Cool Coral), waterproof

eyeliner and a bit of mascara. I like the simple, yet dramatic vintage

inspired look. No foundation. Too many freckles for that!

Q: What’s in your purse?

A: My beloved iphone, a pair of vintage cat eye sunglasses, Modest Eden lip

balm, Bath and Body Works Body Cream, vanilla scented hand sanitizer, lots

of business receipts and even more business cards. If I could fit my

MacBook, it would be in there too! In other words…Nothing to see here

people! LOL! I see pics of other women’s purses on their blogs and I

always marvel at how they have such cute and interesting items in there.

Learn more about this brand at their website HERE or their TWITTER



I first talked about Cosabella HERE, when I introduced the line that they did with JCP (JC PENNY). Cosabella retweeted my blog, and so did their CEO Valeria Campello. I was so honored, and I asked for an interview. I thought it was a long shot, but she was so nice and said yes!! I love to talk to people and really get to know a little part of them and what they do. Below is the interview!! Let me know your thoughts and follow Valeria HERE and Cosabella HERE.


YSF: Who created Cosabella?

VC: I planted the seed. My husband, my children, and all the people who have shared with me the same passion and commitment, made the rest over the past 30 yrs.

YSF: How long have you worked for the company?

VC: My husband Ugo and I moved to Miami from Italy in 1980. For a assignment from his previous job. We fell so in love with Miami, The weather and it’s multicultural environment that we decided to stay longer. Once we moved, I had a lot of time on my hands, my husband, Ugo suggested that I start importing apparel from my native town Capri (famous fashion district in Italy). What was intended to be samples, close out sales, items to friends, colleagues, and neighbors and something to keep me busy, became an interesting opportunity. When we realized that local boutiques were receptive to “made in Italy” cotton lingerie that was not easily available on the market at that time, we decided to take a chance and invest in a little stock of cotton undies to see how it would go. Two years later, Ugo resigned from his job and started designing our own brand, and here we are 30 years later.

YSF: What sets Cosabella apart from other lingerie company’s?

VC: We are a family owned business where the belief is that lingerie should reflect a woman’s mood – “Freedom of color”. All of our products are innovative and designed with the highest grade fibers.

YSF: What was the inspiration to create a less expensive line for JCP?

VC: Cosabella Amore was born in 2008 to bridge the gap between the luxury designer markets and mass markets. It’s flirty and colorful styles were a natural for the new and young JCP customers.

YSF:Why did your company choose to work with JCP verses The Kardashian driven Sears?

VC:The JCP customer seems to be the perfect fashioned minded customer base for Cosabella Amore. She used to buy lingerie because it was cute, fun and functional, but now she buys it as an accessory to make a statement and to be seen.

YSF: I was totally surprised by the fact that you are personally tweeting, what got you into social media?

VC: You may be too young to remember but before social media, at the very beginning of the internet era there were forums/message boards where people were discussing anything and everything . My interest in traveling and raising my children inspired me to search the internet for ideas on message boards. One day I thought about searching for the world Cosabella not expecting anything, but with great surprise I discovered that there were discussions about the pro a cons of wearing a thong. Cosabella thongs were mentioned by many as a pioneer in the market. I discovered that we were credited for having invented the NVPL (no visible panty line). I realized at that moment the unlimited power of these forums for promoting a message. However it can also be dangerous. The same power that can bring your company brand up can bring it down.

YSF: Has your company seen growth since social media?

VC: If by growth you mean brand recognition, definitely yes. What better way to get a message out to an unlimited number of people than the social media platforms?

YSF:Your company is one year older than me, as I embark on my 30’s I get very scared, how did you feel about your brand turning 30?

VC: As I always say” Good reasons don’t change with the time”. I am proud of what we achieved. I am proud of keeping the same commitment to quality and comfort over the years while being innovative. I am now proud that our children have chosen to continue what we started.

YSF: I was introduced to your brand in high school by my older cousins. I saved my allowance to go to TJ Max and look for the brand. Do you think working with JCP will help bringing in a younger customer?

VC: Absolutely. Cosabella Amore is in fact intended for the younger consumer who may not be able to afford or prefer not to spend all her money on one single luxury item. Cosabella Amore answers to that need without jeopardizing quality and fit.

YSF: What’s next for your company?

VC: Every day we try to be innovative by offering new products and establishing new business relationships around the world. We plan to keep growing our company as much as we can, but without loosing that personal touch that only a family business can offer

YSF: One of my grandmothers had cancer, (thank god it’s gone), but as much as she LOVES lingerie she can’t have the lace anymore, is her only option the JCP line?

VC: I am sorry to hear that, and I wish her the best. As a cancer survivor myself, I know how challenging it is to find the right bra or fabric to fit comfortably, on the sensitive skin after surgery and treatment. However tell her to not despair! We have in Cosabella a very soft thin lace and feminine cotton bras that can well adapt to our issue and still make us feel sexy.



I am so glad I got to talk with Caryn.  This was like I was talking to a friend. As much as I share on this blog, and with friends, I don’t do it during and interview lol. I felt so at ease. What I loved about our conversation is we both want woman to be equipped with knowledge, and want  everyone to live their best lives. I loved the flow of this conversation, and love the work that this young woman is doing. Please check her out all contact info is below…


YSF:I read that you Dad was a doctor, and your Mom was a lawyer, how did that effect you?

CW:It was great, I was blessed with a lot of opportunity because of my parents occupations, and their world views. I was able to travel all over the world. My Father made a point for us to visit, and  be exposed to other cultures and other people. He didn’t want to us be limited at all by our environment here in LA. My Mother was responsible for giving me my spirituality, and really developing that. I’m very grateful! My Dad just passed away May 28; I reflect a lot on all the sacrifices and gifts that he gave me. He didn’t even want the sky to be the limit for us. I think that is the legacy he left for me.

YSF:That’s amazing that you were able to really appreciate those gifts; I guess It can go either way, when you come from successful parents. The Cosby Show is still my favorite show to this day. Because I didn’t have a Dad, I was drawn to them. Did you see similarities between your family and their’s?

CW:It’s funny that you say that; I actually did.  I  joke and say we were like the Cosby show, but the HBO version.  Kind of the dysfunctional version. Like all families, we had our problems, challenges,  pains, and difficulties. All in All there is a lot of love there, and because my parents grew up in Chicago and they were not given anything, they didn’t come from money. They grew up in a time period where segregation was still coming in, my Dad earned his PH.D degree in clinical psychology from Harvard University, which was not an easy or common thing to see Black people doing at that time period. My Mother was raising two boys when she was in law school at UC Berkley.  As you know, it’s not easy to raise two kids period, let alone while in law school. So yes, I’m grateful for the opportunities and the resources my parents were able to give to me. As a mother It’s really important to be able to do that and more for my daughter.

YSF:Since your parents were successful in more traditional roles, did they have any objection to you becoming an actress?

CW:No, my Mother was very supportive. At a very early age, I would watch the TV series Fame, and Punky Brewster. I was glued to the TV, my Mom saw that it was a natural thing for me. She has always been supportive, even in moments when I wondered if I should even do this.  She has always been the wind beneath my wings.  My Dad always said we could do whatever we wanted as long as we got our education. Education has always been important to me, I graduated from Howard University with a degree in Psychology.  I’m sure my Dad would have loved for me to go the medical doctor route, and I did toy with it for a while; but my heart and my passion was in creative arts and they were supportive of that.

YSF: I read that you were trained in dance, which form?

CW: I started in ballet, but I know all the traditional forms. I was accepted into the Alvin Ailey American Dance School and I studied there for a while, that was a pretty major accomplishment for me at the time. I danced with Janet Jackson, Usher, Arsenio Hall, and Chunky A, which Rosie Perez choreographed. I had a fun run with dancing, but I kind of realized I wanted a career outside of the dancing world.

YSF: What brought you to acting?

CW: I got my first break on Fame; Debbie Allen gave me a chance to choreograph an episode. I had a recurring role on the last season of Fame, but that was my first break. Then I went on to do other shows like Webster, and Family Matters, and other things of that time period. Then I left the business, to get my education. I went to Howard and lived overseas for a while. Again the importance of my Dad. My brothers studied in China and Japan while they were in school. I went to England, I kind of cheated because It is an english speaking country. My Dad wanted us to experience the world. It was a big deal for me to really get to know who I am. Especially as a child actor. Courtesy of my parents, I was able to do that. When I came back, I  knew acting is what I wanted to do.

YSF: What has been your Favorite role in your career so far?

CW: I always say my best hasn’t happened yet, but if I have to chose my husband and I are doing a film called THE AFFAIR, and that’s the role I’m most excited about. The film is about infidelity and secrets. The story hits you on a real primal level. The character is really intense and will showcase me in a way that I’ve never been seen before. I think it’s going to blow a lot of people’s mind!

YSF: Who or what is your inspiration in acting?

CW: Life is my inspiration, humanity, and all of our faults and thoughts. I’m a story teller, we all have a story. I’m a mother so babies now inspire me. It changes with life depending on where I’m at, and what I’m going through.

This or That
Pepsi or Coke? Pepsi
Mac or PC? MAC
Mc Donald’s or Burger King? Mc Donald’s
Target or Wal mart? Target
Gucci or Fendi? Gucci
Shoes or Bags? Both
Talk or Text? Talk
Nicki Manaj or Lil kim? Both
Mani or Pedi? Mani
Love or Money? LOVE for sure!!
YSF: What’s next for you.
CW: THE AFFAIR that I mentioned earlier, the cool thing about it is we are actually shooting the whole thing on a IPHONE. My husband, Craig Ross Jr. is a filmmaker known for such indie classics as BLUE HILL AVE, and THE MANSFIELD 12. He also directs 1-hour dramas on TV like NCIS, BONES, and PRISON BREAK. He directed me in a film we did together called MOTIVES with Vivica Fox, and Shemar Moore. With THE AFFAIR we are shaking things up and taking it to a whole new level!!
This Project is being funded by KICK STARTER, help them take the film world to a whole different level.  Check out a teaser of the movie THE AFFAIR HERE
Follow Caryn Ward  Ross on TwitterFacebook, and stop by her website.


I reached out to Ms Kim, in 2011 when I was deciding what to do with my accessory line. She was so sweet and was willing to give me ideas even then. I was down on my business so I was not able to hear it. I recently reached out to her to ask for and interview and she was all in. What I love about Miss Kim is, she is like the cool  older sister. She is smart, pretty and has just enough sass to keep it real with you. This interview meant a lot to me, because I am her customer, I love her products, and I want to be a successful business woman somewhat like her. For me it’s not about just making it, it’s also about reaching back and helping someone else get to their next level. Miss Kim took this interview while traveling, I’m sure she had ton’s to do, but on a sunday morning she was taking time to talk to me. I hope that you learn a little bit about her and If you haven’t triedMIXED CHICKS GO HERE!!




Q:When it comes to running a business do you think that education is essential?

A:Yeah, education is a part of it you have to have the smarts, but I also think that common sense is a bigger part of running a business or any part of life. Being able to distinguish right from wrong, or being able to learn about what you don’t know and not closing down. I personally didn’t finish school, so I’m not one to say you have to get an education or you have to get a degree. I do feel that education is good in all parts of life, is important.

Q:What was your biggest sacrifice in starting your business?

A:I guess my time, but I think it was a good sacrifice. I worked another job while I started my business.

Q:Advice for woman who want to start a business?

A:Go for it!! If you have and Idea see it through, don’t be fearful. That’s the biggest thing that stops people, negativity! People telling you what you can not do, I would take that negativity and turn that into really accomplishing something, allow everyone’s negativity to fuel what you want to do. It’s ok to bounce idea’s off of other people (it’s okay not to be the smartest one in the bunch) but you don’t have to do everything they say.

Q:What do you think  of the natural hair movement?

A:I think is great. Our products were made for woman to wear their hair in it’s natural state, if it’s curly or not. A lot of woman don’t know how to do their hair, a lot of woman have not had good enough products to be able to do their hair. So we are happy, we feel like we were innovators in woman embracing what god gave them and taking time to do it themselves.  We are happy that the hair industry decided to give woman more options for their hair.

Q:How do you maintain your curls?

A:I just shampoo, deep condition, leave in conditioner, all mixed chicks and go. My curls can last 2-3 days.  I will rinse it on day two and the third day I will wear a pony tail, but I still have my curls.

Q:What’s your nightly routine?

A:Hunny, I just sleep on it. I have to move around.

Q:Why do some woman feel left out, when it comes to your brand?

A:I would say that the only people that feel left out or the people that can’t read. Thats really harsh but it’s true, unlike any other brand I tell you exactly who are product is for. I don’t know any other brand that tell’s you on their bottle who the product is for. Although we are called mixed chicks, it says if your black, white, asian, latin, mediterranean or any other glorious combination. So if your left out you didn’t read the bottle.

Q:How do you adjust your  marketing to help others feel included?

A:Our whole campaign to start with was woman of all shades. its all about textures. I use my customers as models. I have a really big following in the weave market, I also need to address that. Most of the PR you see is Wendy and myself we are the product. We will work on a couple of new things, thats the beauty of having a product and trying to broaden your audience.

Q:How do you balance work and home?

A:I’m so lucky that 1) I’m a woman and 2) I’m and mother, we multi task. I’m blessed that I’m able to bring my 6month old baby with me to work, and my 14 year old has been with me all along. I just juggle, if it’s school, after school programs, you do it. I drop my 14 year old off at school in the morning, I head to the office, I pick her up, I take her to tutoring, I go back to work, I pick her up we go home. You just do it.

Q:How long after you started mixed chicks did you quit your job at the time?

A:We started mixed chicks in 2003, and I quit my other job in 2007. So 4 years.

Q:What do you do to let go/ de-stress?

A:Red Wine, I actually recently took up yoga, it’s really good but I have not had the time to do it again, it’s a shame. So I would have to be honest and say the wine is what works all the time.

In every interview I do, I always play a round of this or that, I will give you two things and you have to pick between them.


Pepsi or Coke- Coke

Mac or PC- PC

Mc Donald’s or Burger King- Burger king

Target or Wal-Mart- Target

Fendi or Gucci-Gucci

Shoes or Bags- Bags

Talk or Text- Talk

Lil Kim or Nicki Minaj- LIL Kim

Mani or Pedi- Pedi

Love or Money- Money

Q:Whats next for Mixed Chicks?

A:Creating new products, and broadening into other areas, programs for girls or anything, we are just gonna try to branch out!!

Q:Would you ever try cosmetics?

A: Actually cosmetics have been on my radar for a while, I hear it’s a difficult business, but the kind of motivates me to move forward. I think that’s the beauty of us as a people, we come in so many different shades. We all can not use the same colors, lets get a blend of a few colors instead of saying oh you have to use this. It would be nice to have a brand that you have a few more colors to chose from.



I found found Bruce and Glen on Instagram after stylist Emily B showed their work. I love their fresh take on the slap bracelet. So I wanted to know more about them. I love fashion, but accessories and Jewelry are my heart. I love to share info when I get it. Let me know what you think…




1) Where are you all from?
We are from Washington DC

2) What made you all want to get into the fashion world?
We’ve always loved fashion. In our youth we’d make paper dolls with
changeable clothes…lol.

3) I read you all worked for many lines before starting your own,
what made you do that?

It’s Important to get experience and establish connections within the
industry and working for other designers in the beginning is the perfect
way to do that.

4) How did you decide on accessories.

Accessories always fit! It was a no brainer to start with accessories
but stay tuned for expansion.

5) Whats next for the brand?
Lots of big project that we are excited about. You’ll see in the next
few months. Our plans are for BruceGlen to become a household name and
lifestyle brand.

6) Biggest influence?
Jesus Christ!

7) Mc donalds or Burger king?

8) Target or Saks?

9)Bus or taxi?
Taxi if we’re running late but we love meeting new people on public

10) DC or NYC?



I decided I wanted to interview Miss Kim Williams because her web series is just real. I love a woman who speaks her mind, and also allows others to do so. This web series was sent to me by my aunt, and instantly I was on their site sending and email.  For me I want to fill my blog with people who create their own future. I hope that you all get inspired to live a more honest life. Yes different races or cultures do different things. Yes sometimes we don’t understand it. The more we talk about it, the more we learn. It’s ok to not understand why some black woman use a metal hot comb, or why others don’t wash their hair every day? These are things that if your “mama” didn’t teach you,  they might seem confusing.  People like Kim are creating spaces for these conversations to happen in. Find out more and watch the web series HERE!
1:What gave you this idea to start this web series?
After President Obama was elected, everyone was declaring a “post racial” America. But at work, I was still experiencing the same things I was experiencing when I wrote the book, “40 Hours and an Unwritten Rule” in 2004. With the popularity of the digital platform, I felt it was the perfect medium to re-release material.
2) What was your main objective in doing this?

The objective for the web series is the same as the book’s objective: to start honest dialogue about race.

3) Have the topics you cover ever happened to you directly?

The majority of the topics have either happened to me or family and friends. Sometimes I’ve even used exact dialogue of certain situations. It’s funny because those cases have been the situations in the show where people have commented they are too exaggerated or can’t happen in “real” life.

4) If so how did u handle it?

The character, Racey is based on myself so Racey’s reactions are my reactions.

5) How tough is it to direct something about race?

I only write and produce the series, but to write is easy because they’re my experiences that I live daily so for me it’s just me telling my truth.

6) Are the cast members allowed to object to content? 

Absolutely. But we have a great cast who really get the material so there has never been any issues or objections.

7) How do you help your Caucasian actors understand how to react to a particular unwritten rule?

Again, there’s little direction with reactions because every cast member get the show, which speaks to the talent of the cast, especially the white co-workers. They are not their characters but they’re willing to expose realities that have constantly been ignored and denied.

8) What has been your most difficult episode of unwritten rules to direct?

The most difficult to write was “The Whack Girl”. I hesitated because it was really putting Black people’s dirty laundry out, which is normally something we just don’t do. But I joke that “the Unwritten Rules” is an equal opportunity truth exposer. I feel that when you’re encouraging people to start honest dialogue, you have to be 100% honest with your material.

9) Do your Caucasian actors already understand where all of this comes from or are they enlightened after each episode?

Yes, and everyone gives suggestions about situations we should cover or certain dialogue because like me, they are willing to expose truth. It’s really a team effort.

10) Is there ever tension on the set? If so how do you handle that

No, never. Again, our cast is amazing. They show up because of the love and passion for the project so there are no egos or judgement… everyone shows up because we’re all passionate about what we’re doing with the show.



When I was in high school I wanted to be a stylist, after trying it I realized it was so much more than what most think. I have so much love and respect for stylist that make it. It’s 100 stylist for every one that we hear about. So when I see someone that I love what they are doing I try to show support!! Mr Burns is someone I personally follow on instargram and I think he is DOPE!! So I reached out for a little Q&A!! Check it out and let me know what you think… *A*
1. What made you want to get into the fashion world?
I’ve always been into fashion all my life. I grew up on fashion, and my parents kept me very well dressed as a kid. When I got older I felt it was something I wanted to keep doing and be apart of.
2. What is your go to brand and or store to shop?
My go to brand would of course would have to be mines @prepjerks and go to Store my showroom and personal boutique of course @qloakla i love vintage…
3. What should ever fashionista have?
If your referring to women a great pair of heels and a nice handbag. If your referring to guys dope sneakers and some nice loafers or slippers.
4. Accessories or clothes?
Im big on both Sorry…lol
5. Fav client to Style?
So far has to have been Rosa Acosta she’s beautiful and a pleasure to work with.
6. Tell me and my readers about your brand?
Prep Jerks is an independent lifestyle brand based out of Los Angeles. Our company was born in the year 2005. In effort to create the most original and timeless pieces all of our garments are

hand pressed. We believe in quality over quantity, people before profit and respect over fame. Our brands intent is to provide an alternative prospective to the conventional world of casual wear. This is where high-end meets carefree independent lifestyle.

7. Dream client to style?

Kanye West, Cassie, Kelly Rowland, Jayz, Justin Beiber


For styling or any other fashion needs please contact Mr. Burns on instagram @eburnsprepjerks @prepjerks



I have watched basketball wives since day one. Like most 20 something girls in LA, NYC, or MIA, they had my heart. What I love most about these woman, is the power. They all hold their own. You have to be really powerful, to not get over shadowed by a NBA player. These woman all are so different, yet all have a special bond that holds them together. Woman are woman, we are gonna disagree with or with out money. I respect these woman, and even though they don’t always have to work, they still have so much ambition. Gloria is for sure my Fav out of the LA cast. She says what she means, but doesn’t have to fight. I loved that she always seemed above the bull shit. I recently got the privilege  to interview her and it came out more like a conversation. She is a talker, just like me. I loved how it turned out. I think most people will be surprised that what they like, she like’s. I realized in this conversation that people in the spotlight are still just people. We place them on pedestals, instead we should place their work. I was surprised by a couple of things, please let me know what you think!! *A*


YSF: I always loved how you handle yourself on your show; you also always act with class and are able to hold your head high.

GG: I feel like there are a lot of people who can get hifey, or get loud, but you never hear anybody that way. When you say things with intent and purpose you have no need to get loud or hifey!

YSF: Especially for young woman of color it’s good for them to see someone who is able to articulate themselves well, and doesn’t need to throw a punch.  Now let me be honest; my mom made me promise to never go on reality TV, because she thought I might have ended up on the hifey side. I totally get both sides

GG: You know what’s funny; I get it to, I got into a fight in high school, but quickly realized that other races expect that from people of color, I never wanted to be that statistic. I never wanted to allow people to get the best of me.

YSF: What has been the hardest thing about living your life on TV?

GG: I think people’s opinions; everyone feels like because you are on TV, and you have given them a chance to be involved in your life, that they have the right to have an opinion, that’s the most frustrating.

YSF: I loved the web series you did, the chronicles of V; was that your first time taking ballet?

GG: Yes, it was. I realized I am really uncoordinated.  I can dance in the club, don’t get me wrong; I can drop it like its hot, but when it comes to ballet and being on point, I really struggled.  That was the hardest part of my training.  I trained really hard, but ballet by far was the toughest battle that I had to go through to do that role.

YSF: How do you balance your career with your family life?  I know you have Matt and your twins.

GG: I struggle with wanting to work; you feel guilty that you might miss something. That’s a choice I make, I could not work and I could be at home getting on peoples nerves, but I like to work. I feel like I just have to balance and give everything equal time and attention. That goes for Matt as well; I have to make sure his needs are met too. Sometimes it pans out and sometimes it doesn’t, as long as I don’t miss the big things; that’s what counts.

YSF: What has been your favorite part about planning your wedding so far?

GG: Everything; It’s been really fun this time around.  Matt and I cancelled our first wedding; we talk about this all the time. We are actually happy that we cancelled our first wedding, because he and I are both excited and enjoying the process this time.

YSF:  I really respect your decision to wait until you were sure. I wish I had done that instead of going with the flow.

GG: Matt and I have been through so much, I’m really happy we took the time. That first wedding wasn’t about us at all.  It was about others and them saying “well you guys have kids, you guys already live together”. This time it’s about us, and I’m really excited.

YSF: With everything that is going on in your life what keeps you grounded?

GG: My background, where I come from. My parents always worked really hard and that stuck with me. Plus, I don’t think that my family would let me get “big headed”. I think Matt and I have done really well with surrounding ourselves with people that make sure we are humble, and will put us in our place if we become to Hollywood”.

YSF: If you could only shop at one store for the rest of your life for clothes and shoes where would it be?

GG: Target! Target has dope designers; they make sure they stay trendy and cute. I’m not the kind of mom that spends $200.00 on jeans for my kids.  I don’t believe in that. They come home with grass stains and holes; it’s a disaster! For them, I shop at target. I shop so much the staff knows me by name.  I want my kids to know we may have money, but that doesn’t mean we have to spend it.

YSF: I have to admit working in retail I have been that mom, but now that my son is almost 3, I’m realizing that time is over.

GG: Maybe if I had one kid, I might have done that. But having two kids I would have to buy four pairs at least, at $200.00 each that’s $1000.00+ on some jeans, that’s crazy!!

YSF: Who is your style icon?

GG: I love Nicole Richie, she is never trendy; she always dresses for what works for her body. I also like Olivia Palermo and Gwyneth Paltrow.

YSF: How do you stay fit with all that’s going on in your life? How do you still put yourself as a priority?

GG: My mom never made herself a priority. I always knew there were things that I wanted to do like my mother, and things I wanted to do differently.  I always wanted to take time for myself; to go get that massage or that Mani /pedi.  I wanted to make sure I take time to work out at least 3 to 4 times a week. It’s funny too, I work out at home with DVD’s and the kids will be right next to me trying to do it with me. I love that they see mommy working out, and that I put my health as a priority and it’s important. Matt also works out with me and that’s good motivation. I just try to challenge myself throughout the year so that when summer comes I’m not trying to lose 20 pounds. Right now I’m doing Body by VI trying to lose 7 to10 pounds.

YSF: What is Body by VI?

GG: It’s a 90 day challenge you set to whatever goal you want. They have shakes, supplements, and snacks for on the go to help you reach your goal. I’m trying to lose my 7 to10 pounds by my wedding so I can maintain my figure for my damn wedding dress. It’s really helping. I drink a shake for breakfast and some stuff on the go. I don’t want to sell people, but I think their health should be a priority. 90 days is a lot, but it’s for the rest of their life.

YSF: Since you’re on TV, What’s your favorite show?

GG: I’m a huge Scandal fan, Matt and I are so sad that it’s not on right now.  We try to do stuff together; Scandal was our thing.  I don’t really watch reality TV believe it or not.

YSF: I read that you love to rap, who is your favorite rapper?

GG: I love Pandora; right now I’m on my Big Sean Pandora radio. The funniest thing is I’m the worst rapper in America or probably the world. I wish Matt was in here.  My kids rap better than I do. I enjoy acting like I can rap. I get my motions and my game face on, but I’m really terrible.

YSF: Where do you see yourself in five years?

GG: Matt and I started a production company so I see myself really focusing and working on that. I’m hoping to be in a few feature films and become a more main stream actress. Maybe more kids.

YSF: Tell my readers more about Athletes vs. Cancer

GG: It is in honor of Matt’s mom, who passed away from cancer.   We do events, and spread awareness.  We teach people how to get healthy, and take care of their bodies. We provide free screenings in low income areas. We are now shifting our focus to kids that have lost one or both parents to cancer, and providing them with scholarships for them to go to college.

YSF: In every interview I do, I always play a round of this or that, I will give you two things and you have to pick between them.

Pepsi or Coke- Pepsi

Mac or PC- PC

McDonalds or Burger King- Burger King

Target or Wal-Mart- Target

Fendi or Gucci- Fendi

Shoes or Bags- Shoes

Talk or Text- Text

Lil Kim or Nicki Minaj- Nicki Minaj

Mani or Pedi- Pedi

Love or Money- Love

YSF: What can we expect next from you?

GG: I’m releasing my cook book July 1st and will be doing book tours as well, look out for that!!

YSF: Thanks so much Gloria, I know this is a really busy time for you.

GG: My pleasure.

Everyone please check out Gloria’s cook book coming out in July, it brings together all different type of cultures and really will help you expand your taste buds!! Her book will be on kindle and Itunes as well as a limited amount in hard cover.

If you want to send love to gloria you can contact her @glogovan on Twitter and follow her onInstagram. Also check out her website HERE



I came across CeCe, from my grandma who is in Savanna GA. She has been sending me clippings about things she knows I would love and in one of my packets was a write up of Cece. I found her most interesting, because she sells new/used designer kids clothes on her site Spoiled Fashionz. I have given away or donated tons of stuff my son barley used. I love the idea that you can buy nice stuff and it won’t be as expensive. I have purchased my son tons of designer things (don’t forget I get a discount), so this site is made for moms like me!! I was so excited about this site I asked to interview her…


1.Who was the first person you told about your idea to open up your store?
The first pepole I told and discussed my idea for Spoiled with were actress Tichina Arnold ( from Martin and Everybody Hates Chris) and her sister Zenae Arnold who are a pivotal as a support system. I was torn between styling children or helping children choose the right clothing, so I chose both!
2.Whats your biggest fashion influence?

My biggest fashion influences are Europe and New York! I love the European style with a cross of New York style – a little bit of both makes for a fabulous outfit!
3.Who is your fav designer for children?
My favorite designers for children is IKKS and Burberry. I fell in love with IKKS while visiting Paris, France it is very trendy and hip for kids! Burberry is also very hip for kids with trademark visibility.
4.What is your fav blog?
My favorite blog is Young, Smart and Fabulous, who else! lol
5.What celeb would you like to see in your store buying or selling in 2013?
The celebrity I would love to have buy from me and or donate is Heidi Klum! I love the way she dresses her kids and herself!
6.Whats your fav things to buy for your store?
SPOILED! is a consignment based store, which means we purchase new and gently used clothes from parents whose kids have outgrown their clothes and resell them. But my favorite thing about my e-commerce store is the ability to provide a WIN-WIN-WIN situation between the consigners, SPOILED!, and the Jenesse Center for families both fortunate and less fortunate. SPOILED! shares a 50% commission with the donor, and promises to keep the prices of all items under $200. Plus we donate clothes as well as 10% of all net profits to the Jenessee Center.
7.Whats the one thing you can’t live without?
The one thing I can not live without is my Phone! lol My husband can testify to that! lol
8.Starbucks or coffee bean?
Starbucks all the way!
9. Mc Donald’s or burger king?
Mc Donalds only because my son has me there almost everyday! lol
10. If you could give one piece of advice to anyone starting their own store, what would it be?
The one piece of advice I would give anyone starting a business is to know your market. That is the key. I also believe in GREAT Customer Service! I think people have forgotten the rule of thumb! A happy customer always comes back and spreads the word!
*Find out more about miss CeCe on her Website, Facebook, and Twitter.



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