Closet Before.



All hangers are now  alike, Baskets for hats and other accessories.


Shoes are now in boxes and organized to fit in. Some clients love to keep their boxes, if I were to re-do this I would have places all the size and color stickers facing the same way. If you are not sold on the original shoe boxes, use the plastic boxes and take a pic of the shoes, and place inside the box so you are able to see what shoe it is. If I have it my way all shoes are out of the box and displayed, stuffed and laced ready to be worn.


My closet before (or after a while of not caring)

Even I can slack and become un organized


All my hangers are all the same. I make sure to colorize my closet. It’s hard because I love color. I go back in forth with rooling my sleeves or not. all my shoes are displayed and stuffed to look how the would look on my foot.


PS those are my left over jewelry. I hang that shit literally anywhere (until I buy another pair of shoes)


The reason I stuff and tie my shoes, is I want to think about how it looks on me. When your in a store everything is displayed to wear, it gets your brain thinking. Your closet should be your fav store.


My Jewelry is my Fav thing in the world. I hang it anywhere, Except my more expensive jewelry I pile on necks.


Belts and scarfs. (FULL OF COLOR) everything is out and visible and able to get to.


Sunglasses are the last thing I pick up everyday so the must be out. I was blessed to get these fixtures from the Chanel and bloomies. but u can find them at fixture stores.


I’m a vintage and clutch collecter. The only thing that I don’t display is my bags if they come with a dust bag I use it.My large bags are tucked away in under my hanging tops. Literally every inch of my closet is used.


I love using my folding board to fold my fav tee’s and some pj’s. In the bags are reciepts(take back queen) and a bag of sunglasses cases, keeping your glasses in here maintains them.

Every closet is different. I showed my closet because its complex and has a lot of moving parts. It’s taken my a while. Every closet isn’t like this but I do it all. Contact me if your ready to re-do your closet.

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