A while back I did a post on storage for accessories and I was coming strictly for the purpose of getting things off my floor. I’m currently working to turn each closet I do into that clients personal boutique/showroom.

My grandma once told me she ends up wearing the same two outfits every time she goes out because she doesn’t feel like looking through her closet.

If you can’t see it you can not wear it. I want woman to not get stressed looking for something to wear. In my original post I used the exact same tools I just didn’t use them properly or didn’t make them look appealing or easy to get to.



A simple belt ring cost like four bucks!!


So this is my old picture from my old post. I didn’t have as many belts but still hanging the belts buy the buckle makes it hard to get each belt off. Say you want the belt at the end, you literally have to remove all of them to get to it. I was left with a pile of belts on my closet floor almost daily. I got to thinking there has to be a better way. I felt frustrated and never wanted to wear belts because I didn’t want to go thru the hassle. so I got to thinking and came up with this.


same exact belt hoop but now you can see all the belts and because I have looped them all you have to do is un buckle the belt you like and its yours. No more piles on the floor!!


I have lots of pashmina like scarfs so I think this works for more heavy scarfs. If all you have is silk a different option may work.


I’m so embarrassed I even placed this photo online, but also that I had the nerve to consider this organized.

unnamed-38This is how they are currently. Same fixture was used, but I steamed each scarf, and tucked all of them behind the other scarf that was below. They are not in perfect color order but kinda lol.

unnamed-37How my back wall looks in my walk in. Because both fixtures have hangers tops you can place them anywhere.

How do you organize?

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