For me having my closet in order is the first step of dressing. If you can’t see it, you can’t wear it. For  me the first step is hangers. I  love wood if you have the space. They hold a lot and are very sturdy, but if you’re  like me you have way too much for that and need thiner hangers. I find felt hangers are super thin and great for your clothes. I hate wire hangers I believe they ruin your clothing. buying all new hangers can be expensive (trust I have done it a couple of times). I was shopping recently at the .99 cent store (I go every couple of months to get sponges, dish soap, awesome, soft soap hand soap, and comet. I get so much of these items that I only have to go every 3-4 months. On my way out I saw hangers, so I went over. They have a 3pack of felt hangers for one dollar. In a couple colors including black. I bought 5 packs 15 hangers for 5 bucks. The quality is good and is on the level of target, ross, marshall’s, for way less money. So Step one run to the .99 cent store and stock up on these hangers.



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