I think I have mastered the art of high n low fashion. I literally will shop anywhere.  I’m inspired by clean lines and classic Items. I know what works for me. I make sure to be aware of the items that are in my closet. Always thinking about the “holes” in my wardrobe.   Everything in my closet is visible including accessories and jewelry. While I’m getting dressed I’m able to “Shop my closet”.  I always am up to mix and match pieces I don’t believe in sets. Even things that are the same pattern I tend to also wear apart. Most people buy the same things over and over instead of building,  they limit their wardrobe.

“Holes” holes in a wardrobe are missing items. IE black blazer, white dress shirts. Identify colors that you have a lot of or that you have none of. Do you have accessories that work with what you have? What accessories do you need or could you use?

“Shop your closet” I love this term, it means everything is leveled ready to be worn, ironed, sleeves rolled, belts and accessories displayed like a store. Your closet should be your fav store. I guess from retail  I learned that visuals matter. If you don’t wanna shop your closet how do expect to look your best.


Gap boy friend white button up $16.00, Old Navy Skirt $6.00, Franco Sarto flats $29.00 Vintage bag (my nanny gave to me so free) so total $51.00 plus J.Crew earrings $68.00. they are classic and a straight need lol.

How do you do high and low? XX ALIX

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