90’S KID…

If you grew up in the 80s/90s when Thursday night was the night for TV then you will love these shits…..


30249c_d5d87dce81b646d68fd98ac77f009a26Now if you are anything like me you wanted to go to school with Whitley and them lol



Ok My all time fav show is the Cosby show, and if your a fan you rem this episode where Theo wanted the Gordon Gartrelle shit!! This is the one I bought esp because of the est 1984 gotta have it!!


I wanted to go to this but I was 9 lol all my older cousins (larry, stephan, paige) got to enjoy these times I hate y’all.

I tried to interview the creators of this brand (I reached out several times) but all I want to do is show dope people doing dope things. After all these shirts are to dope not to pass on. Get them Here. Thank you to the man that introduced me to this dope ass brand.

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