I love target and I can always find something to buy, esp in the clothing department. Yesterday I was in Target and saw my dress that I love on sale. I got it in black but wanted the blue too. Below is both the Black and the blue and how I made them my own.



15140631_201404032151Currently 17bucks in stores and 25 online at Target


Target dress||Gucci pouch||Nine west booties


Target dress and clutch||J.Crew flip flops||Gap jacket|| Kieko necklace||

unnamedTarget dress||Franco Sarto shoes

15141197_201404032151Currently 17bucks in store and 25 online at Target


Target dress||Handmade necklace||and Two Lips shoes

 I love the look of this with the Statement necklace


But Because i was going on a date a men don’t always get it, I removed the necklace.

Either color is a great add to your wardrobe, it’s classic and will work forever. I literally wore the black dress 3 times in a month. I don’t think you need one lil black dress I think you need as many as your closet can hold.

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