I love my lil store  (ALEXANDRIA STEPHENS) and really think that we hold a great mix of jewelry. Some things I wear and then there are things I live in. The Kieko is crazyyyyyyy. I had never wore it but always loved it. I only had ten mins to get dressed and needed something to take my target dress to the next level.  I am all about high and low fashion as well as doing things the J.Crew way lol. If you look at any J.Crew catalog they always mix and match, dress up tee’s and dress down dresses, Always add bling and if your cold add a jacket a plus if it’s denim. I used to work there so my brain thinks like that (maybe thats why I have 10+denim shirs).  Below is my entire outfit for last night, including a close up of the Kieko. Thoughts?


unnamed-10Gap jacket||Target dress and clutch||J.Crew Flipflops||Kieko necklace


The Kieko

All hand made using Swarovski and  semi precious stones.

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