I was over at My Fab Fico, and she had a guest blogger who discussed social media bulling. The blogger was featured on fashion bomb daily. If you have never heard of it, it’s a popular black fashion blog that picks a “fashionable” girl to be featured everyday. The readers of that blog are crude, rude, and as harsh as they come. They went off on her because she wore the same shoes in all pictures.  I was raised in this bull shit. Not meaning my mom but my friends. This took me back to high school when one of my friends told people I had a checklist in my closet to make sure I never wore anything twice. I literally lol I wore stuff all the time over and over, but I re-worked that shit so good that they never knew. Like I have discussed before I always invested in accessories I had 9 different backpacks to match my clothes. I was obsessive but not as bad as my rumors. I always had colored belts and shoes and hairbands. I believe that clothes are meant to be worn and enjoyed. I’m not sue where these celebs or bloggers get the idea that things should only be worn once. That’s crazy and just stupid. Even Kim Kardashian re-wears stuff and she has the money not too. As woman it’s our job to show young woman fashion isn’t about money it’s about style. I can shop at target or barney’s and find something I love.  I want to show young girls to have fun and live to be them. Show that thru everything you do including your clothes.


925531_611992228900120_831406067_nKim Kardashian Rocking the same shoe in all three pictures worn three days in a row.


Top left I wore my Gucci fanny pack 1st with neon and nikes 2nd with a dress and heels

Top right My Anne Fontaine Dress 1st open with a tank and a skirt 2nd closed as a dress

Bottom left My Gap jean jacket 1st with a skirt and heels 2nd with shorts and chucks

Bottom right my J.Crew stripe shorts 1st with a silk ombre blouse and necklace 2nd with a chambrey tank and cardi


Top left 1st shows my JCP shorts worn casual with chucks and dressy with heels

Top left shoes my white denim with a cardi and just with a blouse

Tob right shows my fav jeans with boots, timbs, and red bottoms

Bottom left shows my target wrap dress with flats and then with gucci fanny and heels

Bottom left shows my fav Anne Fontaine blouse tied,loose, with pants and a skirt

Bottom left also shows my gap denim shorts worn with a blouse and with a blazer and necklace

How do you re-work your wardrobe?

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