I wear stuff when it works with what I’m wearing. I don’t care if it’s Hermes or Vintage flee market. The longest I have waited was like 13years. I purchased a clutch at ross for 5bucks and literally never wore it until it worked with my collar 13years later. I think that esp accessories come full circle. I don’t throw anything away besides stuff that is damaged. I  learned that a long time ago every time I threw something away it would come back in style. My damn Jordache red jeans  (boy I miss them). Problem is People that give me gifts sometimes get offended if I don’t wear it right away. Side Note I have been known to return a gift or most lol. My grandmother recently gifted me a great green necklace and made sure to tell me she wants to see it. I wasn’t sure what I would wear it with until I found the perfect jean shorts with green yes green flowers on it at the gap. As soon as I saw the shorts I knew it was perfect. They only had 2 sizes one way to small and one a size 2 big glad I tried iy on the fit perfectly. I was able to rock it and send her lots of IG love lol yes my grandmother is on IG lol


unnamed-7The shorts


The Necklace….


The hair…


The look….

Happy Sunday People XX Alix

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