I’m a big fan of doing you, and not being a copy catt. Fashion should be fun, and I think everyone should find their own way to do things. I know what works for me and I do it. I have always hated my lips, and still have a hard time with lipstick. I always feel I look silly and hate the attention it causes. I know with all the damn selfies you can’t tell, but so what lol !!  I’m loving the woman I’m becoming but sometimes I still cringe at my lips. I posted HERE about this black lipstick I wanted. Well I got it and never wore it. Literally it sat in my make up bin for 6months. I saw my friend in it and was determined to wear it. She is model perfect but bold as fuck! So I gathered my courage and rocked it yesterday and today. I’m kinda obsessed!! What I learned was even a  bish like me needs to copy every once in a while lol!! Thanks YAS for the encouragement….


10387920_280373385465872_162812986_aMy inspiration in lime crime black lipstick


JCrew yellow Hat ||H&M Black hat|| MAC Haute Core Lipstick


J.Crew Necklace|| MAC Haute Core Lipstick


Target Maxi dress|| JCrew belt and necklace||PayLess shoes


Target cardi||Anne Fontaine tank||JCrew jeans and necklace|| Charles David Shoes

Not for everybody, but I love it. Not for every day but I love it.

Be love Be blessed Be happy….ALIX

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