When I go to the store I first just look thru everything. I try on anything I think might work. What I have learned working in retail is everything looks different on. Sometimes it looks better, sometimes it doesn’t work. Today I went to target. I looked thru all the sale racks and Picked up everything that caught my eye. I had sizes ranging from “my size” to 2 sizes too small and  3 sizes too big. Out of the 8 items I tried on, I got 5. One was too big but I can take it in. It was a skirt and cost $5.45 even with the cost of the alterations its still worth it. Never be scared of a size Esp with items that are too big you can always belt it or taken it in. It’s not about the size on the tag, it’s about the way it fits on the body. Creating a wardrobe isn’t easy you must find whats your style and allow that to be your core. It’s always ok to add trendy and fun items but it should be your add on’s!! When your shopping keep “your” style in mind  and again TRY EVERYTHING ON!!


Be love Be blessed Be happy!! *ALIX*



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