The closet re-do business is huge esp for celebrity’s. So many times they wear items once and never again so  it’s good to sell them and allow someone else to rock it. StarWearsClothing is ran by a mother daughter team Crystal (mom) and Alaysha (daughter) who feel like Everyone is a star and should be able to wear the “Finer things”. I love to see strong woman and I always want to see how they fell in love with fashion. Below is our chat!!


1. When did you fall in love with fashion?

Crystal –Since I was in kindergarten! When I look back at my style I always wore trendy fashionable pieces, #TBT is a testament to that!
Alaysha: Funny enough I had no style whatsoever until I was sixteen. Previously I had to wear uniforms for school so I never really thought about my clothes. I started modeling again when I was sixteen and that sparked my love for fashion.

2. What made you start a biz in the fashion?

Crystal – I spent a lot of time with my friend Shanice who is a Grammy nominated singer and she always had tons of clothes and half of them were barely worn or never worn. One day I was over her house and she had bags full of clothes that she was giving to the Good Will but they were either new or in excellent condition. I thought hmmmm….I’ve always looked for deals when I shopped. I thought why not gather items from different celebrities and offer it for affordable prices. I’ve have always remained stylish but on a single parent budget! From there Star Wears Clothing was born…I asked my daughter to be my partner because she is more tech savvy and she’s very organized! Not to mention, she is very business savvy and managed her modeling gigs since she was 16!

3. What is your fav fashion item you own?

Crystal – My Black Gucci handbag and My BCBG shoes that I’ve been wearing for years!
Alaysha: I love my timeless Calvin Klein strappy heels. They are nude and go with absolutely everything. These heels are definitely my go-to.

4. Who is your dream client?

Crystal – I would love to work with Tia and Tamara, The Game, and Queen Latifah, and my style icon, Rihanna.
Alaysha: We have completely opposite styles. She is more trendy, urban, and sporty so we have different closets we want to raid! I stick to the classics with more bohemian and edgy accents. I would love to get my hands on the closets of the Olsen twins and Solange.

5. What’s the hardest part of your job?

Crystal – The hardest part of my job is my time being divided from working in so many departments, I am IT, Marketing, Shopper, PR, and CEO! From day-to-day I have to juggle working in each department but the good news is that I love working in each department!
Alaysha: Sitting at the computer for hours editing photos can be mundane. Although whenever I need a break I step outside and I am back to normal.

6. Whats the easy part of your job?

Crystal – Customer Service I love making our customers feel special!

Alaysha: I love editing the selections for our celebrity closets. My mom will take everything so that’s when I step in with the no’s! It’s amazing getting to be a personal shopper for all of our awesome customers!

7. Whats your fav vintage find?

Crystal- My favorite Vintage find are two items Givenchy shoes (on website) and this vintage blazer that I brought for Alaysha. The blazer is not on our website but I let my friends borrow it because they love it too! (see picture).
Alaysha: I have to agree that the vintage sequin blazer she bought for me is one of my most treasured items.

8. Where’s your fav vintage shop?(besides yours)

Playclothes Vintage Fashions they service movies and television shows and can recreate any time period…it’s so much fun shopping in Playclothes!

9. Whats your fav place to shop?

Crystal – I love to shop in Celebrity Closets because I can get a range from hi to low name brands.
Alaysha: I would describe my style as minimalistic with hints of bohemian and rocker vibes. Free People fuels my inner hippie.

10. Whats your fav designer?

Crystal – It’s hard to just choose one because I love so many different designers but I can say some of my favorites are Gucci, Chanel, and BCBG.
Alaysha: Rebecca Minkoff is my favorite!


Check out this mom and daughter duo below and some of the items they carry….

Website,Instagram, Facebook, Twitter


securedownloadMom and daughter



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