I First saw Zuri on IG and just loved her style, I noticed she was very stylish and also very sweet. I didn’t know much about her but I just loved her style. Then I saw them… She still has and still rocks the Manolo Timbs. Anyone who knows me knows I love those boots. I still look for them. So When I saw here wearing them I was sold on her point blank and to the period.



She loves fashion and accessories she has everything past, present, and future lol I was so excited she was open to rocking something from my store Alexandria Stephens. I gifted her a necklace, but she also supported and purchased one.



The Audrey Necklace 

I love her style so much I decided to ask her some questions and show off some of my fav looks….

1. When did u fall in love with fashion?

A.I don’t know when I actually fell in love with fashion but I do remember as young as three years old loving the idea of dressing up as most little girls probably do. I took fashion seriously when I was in high school and had fun with it ever sense.

2. Most prized possession?

A. Most prized possession I would have to say it’s not so much that then what I love to buy and collect and that would be my pocketbooks. I feel like my bags fit me no matter what I’m wearing or size I am. I feel complete with my pocketbooks and how it always add a sense of style to anything I’m wearing. Dressed causal to chic.

3. Go to accessory?

A. My go to accessory would again be my pocketbooks but on top of that I love costume jewelry. It always add flair to any look as well.

4. Fav cheap store to shop? (target, tj max) I ask this because if u know style u can shop anywhere.

A. I like to shop everywhere your right. Bc fashion is within and how you put a look together. So to answer where I shop on a lower price scale would be Target and Zara and little small boutiques that I randomly find at times.

5 fav designer?

A. To be honest I do not have a favorite designer bc I appreciate every designer I know about and still haven’t found LOL. But my favorite designer to bags would be Chanel if I had to name one :-))

Here are some of my fav looks…..




Fashion is About having fun and expressing your self, glad to see others feel that way 2.

Be Love, Be Blessed, Be Happy ALIX

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