H&M Metal belt…

If you know me you know I’m obsessed with all accessories I own over 40 belts but H&M hit the mark with this belt. I literally am obsessed. I have dressed it up and down. Its my fav thing to rock. So much so I’m looking for something similar to sell at my store!!

Unknown-4ANSBELTSome of the ways I was able to wear this belt.

Shorts & Heels 

My mama always says 2 things, 1 put your best assets forward and 2. if you show leg don’t show cleavage. I try to do that as much as possible. Living in vegas it’s already HOTT, so when going on a date or just out to lunch I have started to rock my heels and shorts. I feel like my legs are a good size and look nice so I’m never afraid to show them. As long as you don’t go to short and or to tight on your top I think this is a trend for everyone. Even longer baggy shorts will work. Some of my fav looks below.

shortsI think we should play with our style that’s the only way to know what works

Head Bands in fun prints

This is something That I’m newly discovering. I’m the owner and also buyer for my store. It’s not as easy as I thought, I have to expand my taste. I’m learning to try new things and live a little.


Let me know what your OBSESSING over!!! *ALIX*

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