I have lived in these hoops ever since I ordered them for my store. Literally 5 times a week. I don’t call them the everyday hoop for nothing. I feel like every woman needs these in their jewelry wardrobe. #CLASSIC

26117795272800000013_1 26136093280300000006_1Gold ball studs are literally my go to stud. I have owned these for like 10+years after Carrie Bradshaw wore them on season four of Sex and the city.  You can wear either Yellow or White gold depends on preference. I like to have both, options are always good.  For sure a staple and a #classic


The pearl stud is not just for little girls, its a way to dress up a simple earring and every woman should have it. #classic

Gold_PLAted_NAmeNo matter if you are a  round a way girl, or a fashionista. The name necklace is one that everyone should own. For sure a #classic.

When i decided to have a jewelry website, I wanted every woman to love jewelry or realize how it can enhance their own wardrobe. So many times if we don’t understand or know we tend to stay away. I want everyone who visits my site to feel like anything they pick is fashionable but also worth the money they spend. Since I’m not a traditional jewelry buyer I was able to separate how I bought items. I purchased classic’s, mix in’s and designer. I was very selective with the price’s. I wanted the customer to feel like they had something to buy no matter the budget. All items listed above can be found on my site    Alexandria Stephens  . Check it out and let me know your feed back!!

PS thanks to everyone who checked out the site, and esp those that shopped. I will be linking the shop to the blog soon.  *ALIX*

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