After going all natural with my hair, I pay more attention to hair care and instagram is a huge market for that. I have never tried Milk + Honey, but I will soon (wink wink) lol. I am most impressed with Tasha (the owner/creator). I love a woman that is determined and ready to just jump in. I love when I think one way about how someone will answer and I’m completely wrong!! I love that she takes chances and doesn’t believe in failure!! I also love that she believes in hard work. Please support this young smart and fab woman!! *ALIX*

Q:What made you start your business?

A:I first went natural back in 2007. My hair was very damaged. At that time,

blogs and websites weren’t really available (except Fotki) to help a girl

like me with this new hair texture. I quickly learned that this would be

something I’d have to figure out on my own. I tried using some of my old

relaxed hair products on my hair and it was horrific! I even tried using

the pre blended oils from the beauty supply store to moisturize my hair.

NOTHING! There wasn’t a product on the shelves in any store that worked on

my hair! I have always been gifted with my hands and paired with my love

for extensive research, I began to read about different raw ingredients

that were good for moisturizing hair. After many failed attempts, I

created an all natural hair butter and began using it. My hair loved it! I

began allowing some of the ladies at my church who had young daughters

with natural hair, to use my hair butter. They loved it too! Double

success! I thought that I may have been onto something! I began to create

the brand and the company around this new hair butter. That’s where it all

began! I started The Barefruit Company back in 2009 and today it is the

parent company to MILK + HONEY, Twice the Slice (marketing, design & pr)

and Modest Eden (body care launching summer ’14).

Q:. What was the hardest part of starting your company.

A: The hardest part about starting MILK + HONEY was starting it! I have been

a designer and brand strategist for years. I help people start businesses

all of the time. However, when it comes to my own business, I become even

more of a perfectionist. I think just for the MILK + HONEY product labels,

it took me an entire year to settle on a design. Notice I said settle. I

would design, and redesign and design some more, then I’d tweak this and

that. Before I knew it, I had totally missed my launch date! I have to

fight myself often when developing my own products. Its much easier when I

work with clients in creating their brands because I have them to critique

and give me instructions.

Q: Who do you look up to?

A: Its a tie! I totally admire Phylicia Rashad. Her very presence just exudes

class. She’s confidant and demands respect. She is absolutely beautiful! I

mean, who doesn’t love Claire Huxtable? On the other hand, I look up to Les Wexner. He is the Founder of LimitedBrands, which is the parent company to Bath and Body Works, Victoria’s Secret and The Limited. Limited Brands has been around for over 50 years and they are among the top most profitable corporations in the world. As a

serial entrepreneur and lover of business, I can’t help but admire his


Q: Where can we find your products?

A: You can find MILK + HONEY on our website and on


Q: What is the biggest accomplishment so far?

A:Our biggest accomplishment was getting MILK + HONEY on Curlmart. Our first

major online retail store! We are extremely excited about it.

Q: What are your fav products you sale?

A: Its a tie between the Hydrating Hair Custard and the Curl Delight Mist.

That duo is unstoppable! They keep my texture poppin’ for days!

Q: What is your advice for someone trying to start their own business.

A: This is a tough question. I’ve been in entrepreneurship for the past nine

years. I’ve had lots of perceived failures and successes. My advice would

be that you don’t fail until you’ve quit. Don’t allow setbacks to paralyze

you and move you off course. Allow mistakes to become learning

opportunities and not stumbling blocks. Keep your vision close to heart.

People will always question you, make suggestions and say things that are

not in line with what the vision of your business is. Take the meat and

throw away the bones. (as my husband would say) Be persistent. Be

consistent…and most of all LOVE IT!

Q: Fav blog?

A: I like to stay on top of business news, Huffington Post keeps

me in tune with news, Mediabistro for marketing and pr, and the MILK +

HONEY blog. Ha! Shameless plug 🙂 I have to be quite honest. Reading my

answer to this question made me feel like a complete nerd!

Q: Must have Beauty item Togo?

A: Modest Eden lip balm! I honestly don’t wear makeup often. *gasp* I know, I

know. I’m a simple girl. Kinda quirky and whimsical. I only dazzle it up

when I dress for church or meetings. So, ok…when I do wear makeup, my

must have is Maybeline Super Stay Stain Gloss (Cool Coral), waterproof

eyeliner and a bit of mascara. I like the simple, yet dramatic vintage

inspired look. No foundation. Too many freckles for that!

Q: What’s in your purse?

A: My beloved iphone, a pair of vintage cat eye sunglasses, Modest Eden lip

balm, Bath and Body Works Body Cream, vanilla scented hand sanitizer, lots

of business receipts and even more business cards. If I could fit my

MacBook, it would be in there too! In other words…Nothing to see here

people! LOL! I see pics of other women’s purses on their blogs and I

always marvel at how they have such cute and interesting items in there.

Learn more about this brand at their website HERE or their TWITTER

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