Today at my job we received Dannijo, for me this was HUGE!! I have been a fan for so long but never held it. Our store makes a lot of money like 100+ million a year, but we are still not evolved. Our customer is just now finding out about Alexis Bittar, they still refer to him as a woman. One of my fellow workers said she thought the Dannijo looked like a street vendor and was sooo 80’s . This girl would not know fashion if it jumped in front of her, slapped her, and said hi I’m fashion. I was so mad, that’s when I stepped away from her and realized, those that know do, and those that can’t sell.  I am a creative person, I somehow have to get back to that.  Until then I have to realize that most people won’t get it, and that’s why we also carry Carolee. Below is the collection we got. It’s #AMAZEBALLS…



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