I first talked about Cosabella HERE, when I introduced the line that they did with JCP (JC PENNY). Cosabella retweeted my blog, and so did their CEO Valeria Campello. I was so honored, and I asked for an interview. I thought it was a long shot, but she was so nice and said yes!! I love to talk to people and really get to know a little part of them and what they do. Below is the interview!! Let me know your thoughts and follow Valeria HERE and Cosabella HERE.


YSF: Who created Cosabella?

VC: I planted the seed. My husband, my children, and all the people who have shared with me the same passion and commitment, made the rest over the past 30 yrs.

YSF: How long have you worked for the company?

VC: My husband Ugo and I moved to Miami from Italy in 1980. For a assignment from his previous job. We fell so in love with Miami, The weather and it’s multicultural environment that we decided to stay longer. Once we moved, I had a lot of time on my hands, my husband, Ugo suggested that  I start importing apparel from my native town Capri (famous fashion district in Italy).  What was intended to be samples, close out sales, items to friends, colleagues, and neighbors and something to keep me busy, became an interesting opportunity. When we realized that local boutiques were receptive to “made in Italy” cotton lingerie that was not easily available on the market at that time, we decided to take a chance and invest in a little stock of cotton undies to see how it would go. Two years later, Ugo resigned from his job and started designing our own brand, and here we are 30 years later.

YSF: What sets Cosabella apart from other lingerie company’s?

VC: We are a family owned business where the belief is that lingerie should reflect a woman’s mood – “Freedom of color”. All of our products are innovative and designed with the highest grade fibers.

YSF: What was the inspiration to create a less expensive line for JCP?

VC: Cosabella Amore was born in 2008 to bridge the gap between the luxury designer markets and  mass markets. It’s flirty and colorful styles were a natural for the new and young JCP customers.

YSF:Why did your company choose to work with JCP verses The Kardashian driven Sears?

VC:The JCP customer seems to be the perfect fashioned minded customer base for Cosabella Amore. She used to buy lingerie because it was cute, fun and functional, but now she buys it as an accessory to make a statement and to be seen.

YSF: I was totally surprised by the fact that you are personally tweeting, what got you into social media?

VC: You may be too young to remember but before social media, at the very beginning of the internet era there were  forums/message boards where people were discussing anything and everything . My interest in traveling and raising my children inspired me to search the internet for ideas on message boards. One day I thought about searching for the world Cosabella not expecting anything, but with great surprise I discovered that there were discussions about the pro a cons of wearing a thong. Cosabella thongs were mentioned by many as a pioneer in the market. I discovered that we were credited for having invented the NVPL (no visible panty line). I realized at that moment the unlimited  power of these forums for promoting a message. However it can also be dangerous. The same power that can bring your company brand up can bring it down.

YSF: Has your company seen growth since social media?

VC: If by growth you mean brand recognition, definitely yes. What better way to get a message out to an unlimited number of people than the social media platforms?

YSF:Your company is one year older than me, as I embark on my 30’s I get very scared, how did you feel about your brand turning 30?

VC: As I always say” Good reasons don’t change with the time”. I am proud of what we achieved. I am proud of keeping the same commitment to quality and comfort over the years while being innovative.  I am now proud that our children have chosen to continue what we started.

YSF: I was introduced to your brand in high school by my older cousins. I saved my allowance to go to TJ Max and look for the brand. Do you think working with JCP will help bringing in a younger customer?

VC: Absolutely. Cosabella Amore is in fact intended for the younger consumer who may not be able to afford or prefer not to spend all her money on one single  luxury item. Cosabella Amore answers to that need without jeopardizing quality and fit.

YSF: What’s next for your company?

VC: Every day we try to be innovative by offering new products and establishing new business relationships around the world. We plan to keep growing our company as much as we can, but without loosing that personal touch that only a family business can offer

YSF: One of my grandmothers had cancer, (thank god it’s gone), but as much as she LOVES  lingerie she can’t have the lace anymore, is her only option the JCP line?

VC: I am sorry to hear that, and I wish her the best. As a cancer survivor myself, I know how challenging it is to find the right bra or fabric to fit comfortably, on the sensitive skin after surgery and treatment. However tell her to not despair! We have in Cosabella a very soft thin lace and feminine cotton bras that can well adapt to our issue and still make us feel sexy.


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