I reached out to Ms Kim, in 2011 when I was deciding what to do with my accessory line. She was so sweet and was willing to give me ideas even then. I was down on my business so I was not able to hear it. I recently reached out to her to ask for and interview and she was all in. What I love about Miss Kim is, she is like the cool  older sister. She is smart, pretty and has just enough sass to keep it real with you. This interview meant a lot to me, because I am her customer, I love her products, and I want to be a successful business woman somewhat like her. For me it’s not about just making it, it’s also about reaching back and helping someone else get to their next level. Miss Kim took this interview while traveling, I’m sure she had ton’s to do, but on a sunday morning she was taking time to talk to me. I hope that you learn a little bit about her and If you haven’t tried MIXED CHICKS GO HERE!!




Q:When it comes to running a business do you think that education is essential?

A:Yeah, education is a part of it you have to have the smarts, but I also think that common sense is a bigger part of running a business or any part of life. Being able to distinguish right from wrong, or being able to learn about what you don’t know and not closing down. I personally didn’t finish school, so I’m not one to say you have to get an education or you have to get a degree. I do feel that education is good in all parts of life, is important.

Q:What was your biggest sacrifice in starting your business?

A:I guess my time, but I think it was a good sacrifice. I worked another job while I started my business.

Q:Advice for woman who want to start a business?

A:Go for it!! If you have and Idea see it through, don’t be fearful. That’s the biggest thing that stops people, negativity! People telling you what you can not do, I would take that negativity and turn that into really accomplishing something, allow everyone’s negativity to fuel what you want to do. It’s ok to bounce idea’s off of other people (it’s okay not to be the smartest one in the bunch) but you don’t have to do everything they say.

Q:What do you think  of the natural hair movement?

A:I think is great. Our products were made for woman to wear their hair in it’s natural state, if it’s curly or not. A lot of woman don’t know how to do their hair, a lot of woman have not had good enough products to be able to do their hair. So we are happy, we feel like we were innovators in woman embracing what god gave them and taking time to do it themselves.  We are happy that the hair industry decided to give woman more options for their hair.

Q:How do you maintain your curls?

A:I just shampoo, deep condition, leave in conditioner, all mixed chicks and go. My curls can last 2-3 days.  I will rinse it on day two and the third day I will wear a pony tail, but I still have my curls.

Q:What’s your nightly routine?

A:Hunny, I just sleep on it. I have to move around.

Q:Why do some woman feel left out, when it comes to your brand?

A:I would say that the only people that feel left out or the people that can’t read. Thats really harsh but it’s true, unlike any other brand I tell you exactly who are product is for. I don’t know any other brand that tell’s you on their bottle who the product is for. Although we are called mixed chicks, it says if your black, white, asian, latin, mediterranean or any other glorious combination. So if your left out you didn’t read the bottle.

Q:How do you adjust your  marketing to help others feel included?

A:Our whole campaign to start with was woman of all shades. its all about textures. I use my customers as models. I have a really big following in the weave market, I also need to address that. Most of the PR you see is Wendy and myself we are the product. We will work on a couple of new things, thats the beauty of having a product and trying to broaden your audience.

Q:How do you balance work and home?

A:I’m so lucky that 1) I’m a woman and 2) I’m and mother, we multi task. I’m blessed that I’m able to bring my 6month old baby with me to work, and my 14 year old has been with me all along. I just juggle, if it’s school, after school programs, you do it. I drop my 14 year old off at school in the morning, I head to the office, I pick her up, I take her to tutoring, I go back to work, I pick her up we go home. You just do it.

Q:How long after you started mixed chicks did you quit your job at the time?

A:We started mixed chicks in 2003, and I quit my other job in 2007. So 4 years.

Q:What do you do to let go/ de-stress?

A:Red Wine, I actually recently took up yoga, it’s really good but I have not had the time to do it again, it’s a shame. So I would have to be honest and say the wine is what works all the time.

In every interview I do, I always play a round of this or that, I will give you two things and you have to pick between them.


Pepsi or Coke- Coke

Mac or PC- PC

Mc Donald’s or Burger King- Burger king

Target or Wal-Mart- Target

Fendi or Gucci-Gucci

Shoes or Bags- Bags

Talk or Text- Talk

Lil Kim or Nicki Minaj- LIL Kim

Mani or Pedi- Pedi

Love or Money- Money

Q:Whats next for Mixed Chicks?

A:Creating new products, and broadening into other areas, programs for girls or anything, we are just gonna try to branch out!!

Q:Would you ever try cosmetics?

A: Actually cosmetics have been on my radar for a while, I hear it’s a difficult business, but the kind of motivates me to move forward. I think that’s the beauty of us as a people, we come in so many different shades. We all can not use the same colors, lets get a blend of a few colors instead of saying oh you have to use this. It would be nice to have a brand that you have a few more colors to chose from.





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