I found found Bruce and Glen on Instagram after stylist Emily B showed their work. I love their fresh take on the slap bracelet. So I wanted to know more about them. I love fashion, but accessories and Jewelry are my heart. I love to share info when I get it. Let me know what you think…



1) Where are you all from?
We are from Washington DC

2) What made you all want to get into the fashion world?
We’ve always loved fashion. In our youth we’d make paper dolls with
changeable clothes…lol.

3) I read you all worked for many lines before starting your own,
what made you do that?

It’s Important to get experience and establish connections within the
industry and working for other designers in the beginning is the perfect
way to do that.

4) How did you decide on accessories.

Accessories always fit! It was a no brainer to start with accessories
but stay tuned for expansion.

5) Whats next for the brand?
Lots of big project that we are excited about. You’ll see in the next
few months. Our plans are for BruceGlen to become a household name and
lifestyle brand.

 6) Biggest influence?
Jesus Christ!

 7) Mc donalds or Burger king?

8) Target or Saks?

 9)Bus or taxi?
Taxi if we’re running late but we love meeting new people on public

10) DC or NYC?

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