I decided I wanted to interview Miss Kim Williams because her web series is just real. I love a woman who speaks her mind, and also allows others to do so. This web series was sent to me by my aunt, and instantly I was on their site sending and email.  For me I want to fill my blog with people who create their own future. I hope that you all get inspired to live a more honest life. Yes different races or cultures do different things. Yes sometimes we don’t understand it. The more we talk about it, the more we learn. It’s ok to not understand why some black woman use a metal hot comb, or why others don’t wash their hair every day? These are things that if your “mama” didn’t teach you,  they might seem confusing.  People like Kim are creating spaces for these conversations to happen in. Find out more and watch the web series HERE!
1:What gave you this idea to start this web series?
After President Obama was elected, everyone was declaring a “post racial” America. But at work, I was still experiencing the same things I was experiencing when I wrote the book, “40 Hours and an Unwritten Rule” in 2004. With the popularity of the digital platform, I felt it was the perfect medium to re-release material.
2) What was your main objective in doing this?

The objective for the web series is the same as the book’s objective: to start honest dialogue about race.

3) Have the topics you cover ever happened to you directly?

The majority of the topics have either happened to me or family and friends. Sometimes I’ve even used exact dialogue of certain situations. It’s funny because those cases have been the situations in the show where people have commented they are too exaggerated or can’t happen in “real” life.

4) If so how did u handle it?

The character, Racey is based on myself so Racey’s reactions are my reactions.

5) How tough is it to direct something about race?

I only write and produce the series, but to write is easy because they’re my experiences that I live daily so for me it’s just me telling my truth.

6) Are the cast members allowed to object to content? 

Absolutely. But we have a great cast who really get the material so there has never been any issues or objections.

7) How do you help your Caucasian actors understand how to react to a particular unwritten rule?

Again, there’s little direction with reactions because every cast member get the show, which speaks to the talent of the cast, especially the white co-workers. They are not their characters but they’re willing to expose realities that have constantly been ignored and denied.

8) What has been your most difficult episode of unwritten rules to direct?

The most difficult to write was “The Whack Girl”. I hesitated because it was really putting Black people’s dirty laundry out, which is normally something we just don’t do. But I joke that “the Unwritten Rules” is an equal opportunity truth exposer. I feel that when you’re encouraging people to start honest dialogue, you have to be 100% honest with your material.

9) Do your Caucasian actors already understand where all of this comes from or are they enlightened after each episode?

Yes, and everyone gives suggestions about situations we should cover or certain dialogue because like me, they are willing to expose truth. It’s really a team effort.

10) Is there ever tension on the set? If so how do you handle that

No, never. Again, our cast is amazing. They show up because of the love and passion for the project so there are no egos or judgement… everyone shows up because we’re all passionate about what we’re doing with the show.


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