I think that if we have to wear under clothes, they need to be soft and pretty!! Cosabella is a big hit with woman everywhere and I have been wearing them since I was 16. The quality is amazing and last a long time. Now they have teamed up with another one of my fav stores JCP (JC Penny). I think this is amazing because now all woman can get quality!! For me all woman should have quality without killing themselves or breaking the bank!! Most of the undies are 10 bucks or three for $ 27.00. Thats amazing because their undies usually run about 20+ bucks each!! I love quality more than the “name”, and I loved the undies I bought from this line at JCP!! I was very surprised that these washed well, I will be honest they are mixed with lace and cotton as the regular cosabella undies are mostly lace. They also have lounge stuff, the most expensive item is 42.00 and thats for a nighty. For me I think this is great what JCP is doing, they are taking a stab at what Target and H&M have already mastered, bringing lux to the masses. For most people 20 bucks isn’t okay for one pair of undies, so this will allow woman who never visit Nordy’s or Bloomies a chance to get some really sexy things. So many times the lower end stores don’t have sexy, it’s either old lady or slutty. What are your thoughts?




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