When I was in high school I wanted to be a stylist, after trying it I realized it was so much more than what most think. I have so much love and respect for stylist that make it. It’s 100 stylist for every one that we hear about. So when I see someone that I love what they are doing I try to show support!! Mr Burns is someone I personally follow on instargram and I think he is DOPE!! So I reached out for a little Q&A!! Check it out and let me know what you think… *A*
1. What made you want to get into the fashion world?
I’ve always been into fashion all my life. I grew up on fashion, and my parents kept me very well dressed as a kid. When I got older I felt it was something I wanted to keep doing and be apart of.
2. What is your go to brand and or store to shop?
My go to brand would of course would have to be mines @prepjerks and go to Store my showroom and personal boutique of course @qloakla i love vintage…
3. What should ever fashionista have?
If your referring to women a great pair of heels and a nice handbag. If your referring to guys dope sneakers and some nice loafers or slippers.
4. Accessories or clothes?
Im big on both Sorry…lol
5. Fav client to Style?
So far has to have been Rosa Acosta she’s beautiful and a pleasure to work with.
6. Tell me and my readers about your brand?
Prep Jerks is an independent lifestyle brand based out of Los Angeles. Our company was born in the year 2005. In effort to create the most original and timeless pieces all of our garments are

hand pressed. We believe in quality over quantity, people before profit and respect over fame. Our brands intent is to provide an alternative prospective to the conventional world of casual wear. This is where high-end meets carefree independent lifestyle.

7. Dream client to style?

Kanye West, Cassie, Kelly Rowland, Jayz, Justin Beiber


For styling or any other fashion needs please contact Mr. Burns on instagram @eburnsprepjerks @prepjerks

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