I found miss birdie while searching for j.crew on instagram. Her style is straight out of a J.Crew catalog lol. If your not aware I once worked for them and love everything they do. I liked almost every one of her pics and started to follow her right after lol. She isn’t all in your face decked out in designer, but the way she rocks her clothes it’s simple yet fun. Thanks again for giving my readers a peak into your closet!! *ALIX*





Q. What is your fav thing to buy. (ie clothes, accessories, jewelry) to buy clothes. Especially blouses. I have too many at the
moment, but a different blouse creates a completely new look & can
refreshen up an old pair of jeans … pants

Q. Who is your style icon?

A.I love Tracee Ellis Ross especially when she was on Girlfriends. I’m
also LOVING Solange right now. She is my favorite style icon at this
moment. I love her love of pattern/print mixing. I love Diane Von
Furstenberg she has a classic appeal.
Q. What is your fav store?

A.J.Crew is my absolute favorite store.

Q. If your house was burning and you had to take only one item with you (fashion wise) what would that be?

 A.I would have to take my Louis Vuitton handbags. All three of them.
They are special gifts from my spouse. Clothing probably my first
designer dress my husband purchased for me while on vacation in Hawaii
{Marc Jacobs}.

Q. What do you do for a living?


Q. How did you discover J. Crew

A.I use to receive the catalogs back in the 90s and I would fold the
pages to mark my favorite items.

Q. lastly if J.crew and Made well closed what would be your go to place to shop?

A.If I had to shop at another store it would probably be Nordstrom,
Neimans, Saks, or Bloomingdales because J.Crew draws a lot of
inspiration from designer collections.


  1. thank you Alix … It feels awesome to be acknowledged for my style skills (: … Wishing you the very best!

    P.S. I LOVE your hair!!!

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