There are many people in my life but not many people that I admire! I have been blessed to have strong woman in my life that constantly teach by example. Today is my grandmothers birthday and I wanna give my grandma a little of what she has given me.

We have been close ever since I can remember. I always thought you were the most fanciest woman I ever met! You always look so darn put together, it’s as though not one hair is ever out of place. I always thought when I grow up I want to be that lady. Still not that lady. I never saw someone so organized In all parts of their life(except sending cards jk) what I admire about you, is you want everyone to be the best THEM they can. You accept all of us just where we are. Most of my life I have been a mess and a half lol, but you always saw past that. When others could not see the good, you did. I hate that I let years pass and wasted energy and time being mad. I have always loved with not expectation but with walls. My whole journey theses last two years has been about learning to love with out any rules, love thru my hurt and to just let my rules go. You are and amazing woman, wife, mother, and grandmother. I think you have lived a wonderful life but there is so much more to come. Thank you for showing me how to love with out expectation or even blood. Not many know but we may not be related by blood, but we are related thru our soul. I know you were meant to be in my life!! So today I solute you on your 70 birthday!! I am gonna get the biggest glass of wine I can find lol. I hope you enjoy your trip! Enjoy this moment, you only get one 70!! I love you, and miss you!! *A*


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