I  shop at JC Penny all the time. I am in love with the separates and the sales. I am going out of town and got 6 pieces for 70 bucks. While on my way out I spotted a necklace that literally stopped me in my tracks. I’m kinda a jewelry snob, other than a few items most jewelry I own is designer. Not to say I paid designer prices but it’s all really great quality. So I never go into JCP and look for anything besides the 14k gold studs. This necklace I saw was AMAZE balls. I looked at the name and it said KJL by Kenneth Jay Lane. Now I was stunned so I kept looking. Then I saw 10021 by kara ross I just did a trunk show with that brand at bloomies. I kept looking then saw LANA, we carry them as well. I was just so amazed at the quality. Now don’t get me wrong the items are less than the regular stuff from these designers but still not cheap. ZThey are placing them all in a place called the “Bijouxz Bar” inside the fine jewelry dept. My fav line that’s apart of this is Rodrigo Brave mostly because I have never heard of the line and the stuff they made were very very nice. All the designers did and amazing job!! I will have one or two of these in my collection for sure!! Below is part of an article from WWD.



The necklace that made me look By KJL for Kenneth Jay Lane


 The Necklace I want!! By Rodrigo Brave.

Women’s Wear Daily lists other lines for The Bijoux Bar:

• Kara Ross, who is known for raw precious stones, 18-karat gold and diamonds, has created 10021 Kara Ross. There are 43 styles, priced between $45 and $225, including necklaces, bracelets, cuffs, earrings and rings in 18-karat gold-plated brass, glass and resin.

• Lana Bramlette has created the Downtown by Lana line exclusively for The Bijoux Bar. There are 60 and 75 styles, including necklaces; earrings and bracelets in highly polished plated brass, and crystals priced between $30 and $75.

• Dom by Dominique Cohen “classic, feminine and fun lifestyle pieces” in plated brass, glass pearls, silk ribbons and glass beads, priced between $30 and $95.

• Telio by Doris Panos fine jewelry with a Mediterranean twist, with necklaces, bracelets and earrings in plated brass with glass and crystals, priced between $45 and $130.

• Rodrigo-Brave, designed by Rodrigo Otazu, featuring bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings in plated brass with glass and crystals, priced between $55 and $395 and inspired by art, music and different cultures.

• Diego Massimo necklaces, bracelets and heart charms in 18-karat gold and black rhodium and white rhodium plating over brass. The price range is between $75 and $195.

While most of the lines will be in 650 stores, Rodrigo-Brave will be in 150; Kara Ross will be in nearly 450, and Diego Massimo will be in more than 250.


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