I have watched basketball wives since day one. Like most 20 something girls in LA, NYC, or MIA, they had my heart. What I love most about these woman, is the power. They all hold their own. You have to be really powerful, to not get over shadowed by a NBA player. These woman all are so different, yet all have a special bond that holds them together. Woman are woman, we are gonna disagree with or with out money. I respect these woman, and even though they don’t always have to work, they still have so much ambition. Gloria is for sure my Fav out of the LA cast. She says what she means, but doesn’t have to fight. I loved that she always seemed above the bull shit. I recently got the privilege  to interview her and it came out more like a conversation. She is a talker, just like me. I loved how it turned out. I think most people will be surprised that what they like, she like’s. I realized in this conversation that people in the spotlight are still just people. We place them on pedestals, instead we should place their work. I was surprised by a couple of things, please let me know what you think!! *A*


YSF: I always loved how you handle yourself on your show; you also always act with class and are able to hold your head high.

GG: I feel like there are a lot of people who can get hifey, or get loud, but you never hear anybody that way. When you say things with intent and purpose you have no need to get loud or hifey!

YSF: Especially for young woman of color it’s good for them to see someone who is able to articulate themselves well, and doesn’t need to throw a punch.  Now let me be honest; my mom made me promise to never go on reality TV, because she thought I might have ended up on the hifey side. I totally get both sides

GG: You know what’s funny; I get it to, I got into a fight in high school, but quickly realized that other races expect that from people of color, I never wanted to be that statistic. I never wanted to allow people to get the best of me.

YSF: What has been the hardest thing about living your life on TV?

GG: I think people’s opinions; everyone feels like because you are on TV, and you have given them a chance to be involved in your life, that they have the right to have an opinion, that’s the most frustrating.

YSF: I loved the web series you did, the chronicles of V; was that your first time taking ballet?

GG: Yes, it was. I realized I am really uncoordinated.  I can dance in the club, don’t get me wrong; I can drop it like its hot, but when it comes to ballet and being on point, I really struggled.  That was the hardest part of my training.  I trained really hard, but ballet by far was the toughest battle that I had to go through to do that role.

YSF: How do you balance your career with your family life?  I know you have Matt and your twins.

GG: I struggle with wanting to work; you feel guilty that you might miss something. That’s a choice I make, I could not work and I could be at home getting on peoples nerves, but I like to work. I feel like I just have to balance and give everything equal time and attention. That goes for Matt as well; I have to make sure his needs are met too. Sometimes it pans out and sometimes it doesn’t, as long as I don’t miss the big things; that’s what counts.

YSF: What has been your favorite part about planning your wedding so far?

GG: Everything; It’s been really fun this time around.  Matt and I cancelled our first wedding; we talk about this all the time. We are actually happy that we cancelled our first wedding, because he and I are both excited and enjoying the process this time.

YSF:  I really respect your decision to wait until you were sure. I wish I had done that instead of going with the flow.

GG: Matt and I have been through so much, I’m really happy we took the time. That first wedding wasn’t about us at all.  It was about others and them saying “well you guys have kids, you guys already live together”. This time it’s about us, and I’m really excited.

YSF: With everything that is going on in your life what keeps you grounded?

GG: My background, where I come from. My parents always worked really hard and that stuck with me. Plus, I don’t think that my family would let me get “big headed”. I think Matt and I have done really well with surrounding ourselves with people that make sure we are humble, and will put us in our place if we become to Hollywood”.

YSF: If you could only shop at one store for the rest of your life for clothes and shoes where would it be?

GG: Target! Target has dope designers; they make sure they stay trendy and cute. I’m not the kind of mom that spends $200.00 on jeans for my kids.  I don’t believe in that. They come home with grass stains and holes; it’s a disaster! For them, I shop at target. I shop so much the staff knows me by name.  I want my kids to know we may have money, but that doesn’t mean we have to spend it.

YSF: I have to admit working in retail I have been that mom, but now that my son is almost 3, I’m realizing that time is over.

GG: Maybe if I had one kid, I might have done that. But having two kids I would have to buy four pairs at least, at $200.00 each that’s $1000.00+ on some jeans, that’s crazy!!

YSF: Who is your style icon?

GG: I love Nicole Richie, she is never trendy; she always dresses for what works for her body. I also like Olivia Palermo and Gwyneth Paltrow.

YSF: How do you stay fit with all that’s going on in your life? How do you still put yourself as a priority?

GG: My mom never made herself a priority. I always knew there were things that I wanted to do like my mother, and things I wanted to do differently.  I always wanted to take time for myself; to go get that massage or that Mani /pedi.  I wanted to make sure I take time to work out at least 3 to 4 times a week. It’s funny too, I work out at home with DVD’s and the kids will be right next to me trying to do it with me. I love that they see mommy working out, and that I put my health as a priority and it’s important. Matt also works out with me and that’s good motivation. I just try to challenge myself throughout the year so that when summer comes I’m not trying to lose 20 pounds. Right now I’m doing Body by VI trying to lose 7 to10 pounds.

YSF: What is Body by VI?

GG: It’s a 90 day challenge you set to whatever goal you want. They have shakes, supplements, and snacks for on the go to help you reach your goal. I’m trying to lose my 7 to10 pounds by my wedding so I can maintain my figure for my damn wedding dress. It’s really helping. I drink a shake for breakfast and some stuff on the go. I don’t want to sell people, but I think their health should be a priority. 90 days is a lot, but it’s for the rest of their life.

YSF: Since you’re on TV, What’s your favorite show?

GG: I’m a huge Scandal fan, Matt and I are so sad that it’s not on right now.  We try to do stuff together; Scandal was our thing.  I don’t really watch reality TV believe it or not.

YSF: I read that you love to rap, who is your favorite rapper?

GG: I love Pandora; right now I’m on my Big Sean Pandora radio. The funniest thing is I’m the worst rapper in America or probably the world. I wish Matt was in here.  My kids rap better than I do. I enjoy acting like I can rap. I get my motions and my game face on, but I’m really terrible.

YSF: Where do you see yourself in five years?

GG: Matt and I started a production company so I see myself really focusing and working on that. I’m hoping to be in a few feature films and become a more main stream actress. Maybe more kids.

YSF: Tell my readers more about Athletes vs. Cancer

GG: It is in honor of Matt’s mom, who passed away from cancer.   We do events, and spread awareness.  We teach people how to get healthy, and take care of their bodies. We provide free screenings in low income areas. We are now shifting our focus to kids that have lost one or both parents to cancer, and providing them with scholarships for them to go to college.

YSF: In every interview I do, I always play a round of this or that, I will give you two things and you have to pick between them.

Pepsi or Coke- Pepsi

Mac or PC- PC

McDonalds or Burger King- Burger King

Target or Wal-Mart- Target

Fendi or Gucci- Fendi

Shoes or Bags- Shoes

Talk or Text- Text

Lil Kim or Nicki Minaj- Nicki Minaj

Mani or Pedi- Pedi

Love or Money- Love

YSF: What can we expect next from you?

GG: I’m releasing my cook book July 1st and will be doing book tours as well, look out for that!!

YSF: Thanks so much Gloria, I know this is a really busy time for you.

GG: My pleasure.

Everyone please check out Gloria’s cook book coming out in July, it brings together all different type of cultures and really will help you expand your taste buds!! Her book will be on kindle and Itunes as well as a limited amount in hard cover.

If you want to send love to gloria you can contact her @glogovan on Twitter and follow her on Instagram. Also check out her website HERE

12 thoughts on “MY CHAT WITH GLORIA GOVAN…

  1. I love so many things about this interview; I felt connected on a few points. I also believe that family is important, and should be protected.
    I had to stop the wedding planning process with my now husband a couple of years before it actually happened bc the timing was wrong. Our love was strong but we hadn’t learned to be selfless and compromise yet. We are still learning, but taking a step back to refocus was definitely essential. People do look at you with squinted eyes and sometimes second guess your love bc of your choice to wait. It’s a harder decision to pause then to go all the way and later regret your decision. My husband and I have a stronger bond and communication.
    My Mother and I do things differently, but I celebrate our differences at this stage of life. After having a child of my own I can appreciate her sacrifices and decisions she made in her lonely periods that much more.
    I can appreciate what Gloria is working towards and I wish her all the best. Thank you for introducing us to her softer side.

  2. Wow, I felt I was sitting on the couch with you guys!! Can she please Tell Matt to stop hitting all those 3’s against the Lakers! We miss him!! She sounds like a really smart young lady. You know I don’t watch reality tv but glad to hear about someone who’s able to take the higher road! Great interview kiddo!!

  3. What a great interview.. I have to admit that the reality show didn’t do her any justice. I didn’t know what to expect when reading this blog but I love the fact that she is so fine yo earth and that family is must important to her. It is also great to know that she struggled with the work family life balance as all of us do!!! I look forward to the cookbook…. Great interview

  4. Awesome interview YSF! While I cant say that I’m a fan of her show- heck prior to today I would get her confused with her sister- but after reading this interview I’m glad to get to learn about who she is and what she stands for. She comes appears to be very grounded and humble. I can appreciate her honesty about her relationship struggles. She’s one of the few starlets/celebs that make relationships/marriage and family relatable on a level that will reach a broader audience as opposed to those who come off as if their lives are in a bubble (until their bubble burst) and they are exempt from the challenges “regular” relationships face. Looking forward to more great things from YSF!

    P.S. PCs and Nikki Minage- That’s that ‘ish I dont like!

  5. AMAZING Interview!!!!!!! You asked the right questions,and her responses were genuine and on point. A lot of people judge basketball wives as being gold diggers and attention whores,but I can tell that Gloria has real love for her husband. She is building something solid for her family. Great job youngsmartandfabulous 😉

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