To be a mom is amazing yet such a big role.  I wanna take time to say a lil something to some of the mothers in my life…


Mommy- AKA mother AKA daddy AKA meanie AKA Shorty AKA the most powerful woman in my life. I love you with all of me. I don’t always do right, I don’t always act right, but your the most important being in my life. When I was a kid I didn’t understand the risks and sacrifices you made, but I so get you more now that i’m a mother, the stuff isn’t easy but u made it look like a cake walk. I hope you have a great mothers day we love you!! ALIX/ CJ 2 parts of the A.B.C  crew lol

Monique AKA step mommy AKA twin spirt. I have learned a lot from you, you taught me about Nordy’s, I had never met a person with such swag before swag was even a “popular” word. You have influenced my life in so many ways from what I wear to what kind of sponge I use for my dishes. My love for you is never ending, I hope you have the best mother sday possible!! We love you.  ALIX/CJ

Grandmother Julia, your such a diva lol!! You are so posh, and know the right way to do everything, but your so down to earth about it. I love that you love us with every part of you. that your girls and one boy are your life. It takes a lot to deal with us all, but u have figured out a way to have a relationship/bond with us all. I might have been the hardest lol (sorry). We are so alike yet so different I’m enjoying learning about you. I hope today is exactly what you pictured!!


Grandma Gayle, we don’t speak often but when we do we try to hang up like 60 times lol. Thank you for always hearing me out, understanding but still telling me the truth. I have a lot of love for you, but it comes natural we just work. I’m so glad you came into my life it for sure has made it wayyy better!! I hope today is extra special and fun for you!!

Auntee Gena: You are a big part of my life as and adult, you are my aunt but feel more like a cool big sister. I trust you with everything and love you with my all, you never judge me( even when I judge myself). I’m so grateful to have you in my Life I hope you have a fabulous mothers day.

Auntee Sybil I;m sure you won’t get on line but I love you like my 3rd gma you mean the world to me and you know it clap your hands lol. You have been there for me in ways most aunt’s don’t have to. I’m grateful for your love and hope you have a wonderful mothers day.

Jenni aka sister aka my best friend until the END!! jenni we have been thru a lot!! We get each other and know each other very well. I respect you in ways that most people will never understand. Even though you were not always sure that you wanted to be a mom you were built for this shit lol. You are a big part in my life and I hope you have a fantastic day love!!

Kieko wassssuppp lol. I love you like a sister, you keep me grounded but also hip me to the “hood”. you may not be a current resident but you still know wassupp!! lol I love the mother that you are and I hope you have a fantastic day!!

Ronika aka NIKA aka MY BITCHHHH. ok you are my best friend, sister, homey, and my bitch. I have known you since I was 10 and even though you are much more quiet than me we have been working ever since. We hung and laughed, and yes used a lot of curse words. we have had disagreements but thru it all we have remained very close. You are the friend  I talk to the least, but we are just as close as my other friendships I love you more than you know. I hope today is perfect for you!!

Tira: I don’t have many “new” friends but we found each other. You always hear me but always give me your opinion you care about me sooo much and are such a honest and good hearted person. Don’t get it twisted you will cut a bitch too lol. I love that you are so strong, and won’t let anything stop you. You exude strength to me. I love you, and hope your day is bomb.com lol.

Jani aka miss prince. Sometimes I forget that we are family, no matter what we are close and for that I’m grateful. Somepeople just get a pass and your that person for me. I think your my biggest supporter with this blog and with life. I know you want me to be okay, as kids we dreamed of being “grown” and boy were we nuts lol. we may never get that loft to share but maybe when were old and gray and have out lived our 4th husbands we can be roomy’s lol I love you!!  I hope your day is everything you need it to be.

to the rest of the woman in my life, I didn’t forget you, I love you the same and wish you the very best mothers day!!


sign off



One thought on “HAPPY MOTHERS DAY….

  1. Thank u for that comment means a whole lot! Keep up thecgood work in just being u!!! Oh… And keep doing the blog it is my inspiration love u

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