I told you all about the 35 things I wish I had done b4 35 well so I don’t regret shit I’m gonna make my own list of 30 things I want to do or buy b4 I’m 30. I hope I’m able to do it all, but It’s all on the table. I have one year and seven months to complete it. I will explain each thing…

1) Go to paris!! Self explanatory but I wanted to go at 21 but none of my friends could, this time I don’t give a shit I’m going alone or with people.

2)Wine tasting. Don’t care if it’s for the weekend or a day I just want to find a wine I like!!

3) Find and buy my vintage time piece. I want a nice watch that is as old as me. Needs to be made in 1984

4) Take my son on a trip. Not sure where but a vacation away from LA just us.

5) Get a breast reduction. I don’t wanna enter the next 30 years with these big ass, saggy ass, tits lol 🙂 (sorry gma)

6)Finalize my divorce. I just want this shit OVERRRRRR

7) Make my goal weight  (145) thats after my reduction

8)Fall in love with me. I need to rekindle this love, and keep the fire lit.

9) Take myself to dinner at Mastro’s I can do this but it takes balls to go to a nice eatery alone lol

10) Take a trip to San Fran ALONE!! My friend did this once and I always kept it in my mind to do it alone.

11) Go one the horse back tour of the hollywood sign. Angela Simmons did this and I loved it.

12) Qualify for a home loan. I don’t know if I will be ready to buy it, but I want the choice.

13) Join the mile high club. LOL just cuz lol (sorry gma, mommy, auntee)

14) Buy a piece of Lanvin Jewelry. It’s the best fashion jewelry and I want at least just one fucking piece lol

15) Go on a helicopter. People always look so scared (not kobe) so I wanna know if it’s really like that.

16) Visit carrie Bradshaw’s apt. Ok fuck it go on the whole sex n the city tour lol

17) Get another tattoo. Not sure what I want but I want one like NOW…

18) Go to the pasadena flee market at the rose bowl. Just never can catch it lol

19) Go to first fridays in venice. Every first friday all shops stay open late and food trucks park music plays.

20) Take a yoga class.

21) Go to catalina. I went as a kid but I wanna go on a whim as and adult

22) Go to Coachella. I am not sure if I will love ever person, but the energy seems amazing

23) Go to made in america festival. Jay z started it, and its like Coachella but in Philly

24) Turn all my weekly inspiration’s into a book

25) spend a weekend with my mom watching Law n order and eating shitty food

26) visit my grandma in Savanna

27) Visit my aunt in texas

28) Go to the galleria mall in TX. People have been telling me I need to go here for years.

29) Forgive my dad. AS much as I have let go of, some of me still has issues. I may never be able but I will keep making and effort.

30) Forgive myself for being human, and understand I have had and amazing 30 years, yet it’s only the beginning!!

There it is, my list at first hard but once I got going 30 things came in no time. I tried to leave off the material things. Most of these are costly not sure where the money will come from but I sure do wanna get the opportunity. Have you made a list like this?

sign off

2 thoughts on “30THINGS TO DO/BUY BE4 I’M 30….

  1. LOVE it! I really like the vintage watch idea, and I might have to steal it. My watch would be 38 years old sheesh! Very cool idea tho! #8 is a must for me also…

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