Photo on 2013-03-24 at 22.20So cheap it had no name on it LMAO…


I’m recently got nails, I’m loving it by the way lol. I first went matt black this week I’m going baby blue lol. If I’m gonna go there, why not go all the way!! I usually bring polish but was running late so I used one of the salon’s choices. I loved it so much I purchased it. The brand name is Daisy nail lacquer lol and it cost 2bucks. I will say it’s the Jordana of polishes cheap but can be  good!! No I’m not gonna trade in my other “high end” polishes but I might add a few in lol. What do u think of my new color? (Mom & Auntee I already know)


sign off



  1. It’s def “Spring” appropriate! I’m all for having fun and going all out w ur nails now. Y not? Now if ur working in an ubber corporate environment or headed to a ball or that’s a diff story, otherwise live honey. Next week have some designs or ornaments on them thangs…Whatever u feel, rock it like u invinted it (my new motto)

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