I have spoke about my love for my tiffany charm bracelet before it was given to me by my mom when I was 16 and I still wear it today. I have lost charms and misplaced charms but now that Tiffany puts them on for you, and doesn’t make any that pop on and off it makes it easier. I think every woman should have one. If I had a daughter I would start her one as soon as she was born so that by the time she was 16 it would be filled up enough. Of course I would leave room so she can add as “big” things come up in her life. No matter your budget you can have one. Kate spade sells a fun one for 98.00 fully loaded. LV sells one for 25,000. Below I picked out some of my fav bracelets including a vintage one…Do you have a charm bracelet?



  1. I have a Tiffany one. But for me the fun of the bracelet is filling it up with those life events. So either I would pass down my bracelet to my daughter or let her fill her own so that there is significance to it. So since you have one I’ll have to pass down to one if my granddaughters

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