I have been decorating my bed room. With limited money and limited know how, its been pretty good. I did my whole room for a little less than 300.00. Pinterest was the biggest help with inspiration. I spent a lot of time at Ikea/marshalls/homegoods/tj max, and thrift stores. I won’t lie Ikea had th best deals and the best mix in pieces. As I finish my Apartment I will replace frames, and furniture with better stuff to last me, but for right now its FAB!!!  I have split this bedroom post into 4 sections and will show you what I did what my inspiration was and exactly where I got it from and what it cost.

For me my bed was a big deal I wanted White, my wall panel was made by my best friend and I was dead set on having it, so I knew black would have to be in there some where. Green is my fav color and the color of money so why not lol. I used two search terms on pinterest. The first one is Black and White Rooms hundreds of picks came up but my fav were these…



lastly I searched for miami bedrooms and came up with so many fun options but landed on these as more inspiration…


These gave me so much help… I started with this…


Just a mattress and my wall panel with a lil inspiration and some shopping I ended with this


Its simple and makes me feel great…

I purchased my sheets at Marshall’s $24.99

I set of pillow cases from Ikea $4.99

4 reg pillows from Ikea $19.96

I duvet from Ikea $24.99

I quilt from ikea $59.99

2 large square pillows  from Ikea $15.98

3 pillows from TJ Maxx 11.97

For a grand total of 162.87

I used to buy sheet sets for more than that. I bought the same 500 thread count and saved hundreds of dollars just by looking around.

I’m determined to live my best life, rocking the best stuff, spending the least amount of money!! What are you saving??

sign off

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