So last week I told you my aunt got me the subscription to Birch box, well it came. I received  hair conditioner, blush and a fragrance sample. The fragrance I had tried at work, the conditioner I will try this week, but the blush was AMAZE!!  It’s called “HOT MAMA” (perfect for me) and it’s by a company called ” The Balm” lol love it!! The name is so true cause this blush is the Balm or bomb lol. The balm is even sold all over !! Please check them out and let me know what you think…


Marissa Shipman, Founder & CEO 
Marissa realized that there were a few simple products she needed to help her feel glam all the time. Then she decided that if she needed them, other women probably did too.

So she went to Amazon, bought 11 books on how to make makeup and started mixing in her kitchen. “I went crazy. I had a web site designed, got incorporated, worked out a budget, and hired a chemist.” And the rest is history! Well, not yet but with her great ingredients, gorgeous colors and fabulous scents, Marissa is certainly making makeup history.

Marissa has a Bachelor of Arts from Tulane University. Through her Theater Arts major and career in television production, Marissa developed keen insights into present day American pop culture that enhanced her understanding of cosmetic trends. Marissa is glamorous and fun and her personality definitely shows through in her products.


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