I came across Serena on Serena’s blog was listed on her blog roll. I loved the site so I new I would love Serena’s, and I did. I am all about woman taking a stand in their own life and  Serena’s blog is all about that!! Her blog is called Get your life straight and If you follow her you will do just that. She is a warrior, working a full time job and having 3 kids plus 2 blogs I don’t see how she does it but she does!! Check her blog out for your self HERE. I am very excited for this interview and I hope you all enjoy it. XX ALIX



1.Who was the first person you told about your blog ideas?


The first person I told about my blog ideas was my husband. I’ve actually been blogging for about 7 years, but mostly personal things….family stuff….ways to just document my life as a mom, including my poetry (you can read it at But when I decided to get serious about my blogging, I changed my blog name (it used to be called “From House to Home”) and called it “Thrift Diving.” The name came to me about 3 a.m. when I was in bed contemplating catchy blog named, and it hit me. I was so excited! When my husband woke up, I told him all about it. He just thought I was crazy. LOL. My other blog, Get Your Life Straight, I was telling my best girlfriend that i wanted to create a blog that would be a place for people to come for answers/solutions to the things they were sick and tired of putting up with: being broke, being fat, being disorganized–virtually anything that made them unhappy. Thus, Get Your Life Straight was recently born with the 2013 year.
 2.Whats your biggest influence?

My biggest influence is my passion to create, inspire, and teach. Each blog post that I publish is a way for me to satisfy my passion.

3.Who is your fav designer to wear?

Ha! Designers! I used to wear mostly Banana Republic, but since I’d gained weight over the last number of years from pushing out 3 big boys, I don’t spent money on clothes. And when I did, yeah, Banana Republic was the extend of my wardrobe! Now, it’s all about what I can rock from the thrift store.I just bought a designer Rachel Pally dress (I’d never heard of her) for a mere $8.00 at the thrift store. This dress costs over $160, at least! I don’t spent a lot for fashion at ALL.

4.What is your fav blog (besides your own)?

It’s hard to say I have a favorite. I can tell you what I subscribe to! I like to reach In My Own Style, which is a DIY home blog. I also like to peek through Vintage Revivals, another DIY blog. And for Personal Finance blogs, I love Budgets Are Sexy. There are so many blogs out there, it’s hard to keep up, so I usually don’t read very many blogs, oddly enough!

5.What would you like to see happen with your blog in 2013?

I’ve got several goals for my blog! In no particular order, I would 1) LOVE to turn a profit! I want to give up my day-job and do this FULL TIME! For so many years, I have treated my blog(s) as hobbies, because that is how I have felt about them. But I have been coming to realize more and more that people are successfully living their passion for blogging AND being able to pull in real incomes from it. THAT is what I want and will achieve. 2) Grow my subscriber list. It means so much to me when I get new subscribers to my blogs. It’s like they really want to listen to me! 3) I would love to begin selling things on my Thrift Diving blog.

 6.Whats your fav place to come up with ideas for your blog?

I seem to come up with the BEST blog ideas in the shower! I get in there and start thinking about my life…and situations….and I look at them in a very introspective way. I usually have to text myself as soon as I get out of the shower in order to remember all of my ideas!

7.Whats the one thing you can’t live without?

My computer! OH.MY.GOODNESS, I’m addicted! I have to be connected 24/7 because I’m afraid of missing something!
8.Starbucks or coffee bean?


I’m sooo not a coffee drinker, so I can’t answer! LOL

9. Mc Donald’s or burger king?

Definitely Burger King! I’m a vegetarian and they sell Morningstart veggie burgers there!! Still wondering why McDonald’s hasn’t jumped on the vegetarian bandwagon!!

10. If you could give one piece of advice to people who want to start a
blog, what would it be?


Oh, my this is a good one….I’m going to have to give TWO pieces if that’s okay, because I can’t contain it to just one piece! My first piece of advice would be: DON’T GIVE UP. Seriously, it’s so easy to get discouraged when you’re a new blogger because you’re pouring your heart out into these posts….you’re spending so much time, working for “free”….and usually get very little traffic or comments. And it’s easy to just quit.  But keep moving forward because if you’ve got great content and market it well, people will come. My second piece of advice would be to study the blogs that are more popular than you and see what THEY’RE doing. Don’t steal their ideas or blog design, but look at where they’re placing their Google Adsense. Notice where they put their subscription Opt-In forms. All of these things they’ve already figured out, so you just need study and see what words for YOUR blog.


Serena is a mom to 3 young boys, ages 6, 3, and 1!. She lives in the Washington DC Metro area. By day She is  a research coordinator, working with military populations; by evening, She is a “Mommy” and “Housekeeper,” and by the wee hours of the night when everyone is sleeping, She is a vampire–A.K.A an artist and blogger. Creating, educating, and inspiring are her life themes, and blogging is her avenue. You can also find her over at Thrift Diving, her blog about thrift stores, DIY, home improvement, and crafting…..or over on her Thrift Diving Facebook page.


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