I love Ikea and I am re-doing my bed room and I purchased a-lot from here. The Lack side tables are perfect for night stands, add two together and they can be used as a coffee table, or a bedside bench. These tables are easy to use, and are cheap. Lots of decorators use these. Just put in Lack side table in pinterest, and you will see all the ways you can make this table work. I have included some of the ways below.



Two as a coffee table Total cost =$25.00


Covered as a ottoman total cost = $15.00 plus cost of fabric


Not the Lack side table, but you can make them look like these…


My table, I want to add more stuff but so far so good…

sign off


  1. Great idea… been holding off on a living room table because they’re either way too big or way too expensive. This is perfect. Are you finding any great rugs?? That’s another one that’s been put off looking for the right color, right fabric, and right price. Can’t wait to see what else you get! xox

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