I came across miss Tonya on Instagram lol. I love the idea of her blog, Set a goal and write about your journey. I have always been into my finances. I have made some mistakes, but I always learn and grow. When I first started my blog it was between fashion and money, since my money/credit was not where I wanted it to be I decided on fashion. Once I changed over the blog to a more open topic base, I have been thinking of ways to include a finance post in the mix. I am thinking that I will do a financial post once a week on some of the lessons I have learned until I can talk miss Tonya into guest writing.  Until then check at her blog HERE and her twitter HERE . Below is my interview with her and a lil bio info…

Tonya Rapley is an anthropologist, habitual do-gooder, lover of life and serial entrepreneur. she currently works in non-profit where she oversees the marketing and program development of a long-standing Brooklyn institution. She is currently working on developing her  brands, The Not Just For Profit, wherein she provides infographics, news, and consult with brands/individuals seeking to creatively merge philanthropy and culture. And My Fab FICO, a personal blog where she documents the lifestyle changes she is making in attempt to attain a 750 credit score by age 30 and become Financially Fabulous.

She possesses a BA degree in Public Administration from Florida International University and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Urban Policy and Affairs. she lives in Brooklyn, NY.

1.Who was the first person you told about wanting to start your blog?
My little sister. She’s witnessed my ups and downs over the years and although she is younger, she’s so wise. We both have the same upbringing and make alot of similar financial mistakes, so really it started out of a goal that her and I established for ourselves. My Fab Fico was my way of holding myself accountable.
2.Whats your biggest influence? I guess everyone that I dont want to be like. I look at what they do, how they move, and where it gets them and make a concious decision to do better.
3.Who is your fav designer to wear? Ha! I don’t have one. I’m so not a fashion snob. I like what I like whether its from Opening Ceremony, ASOS, or Forever 21.I love my homegirls endeavor, Her Threads, out of LA. I def support my friends.
4.What is your fav blog (besides yours)? Hmm I’d say
5.What do want for your blog this year? To grow my subscriber base, inspire others to become financially fab, and to be consistent.
6.Whats your fav place to blog? I don’t know about my favorite but the usual spot is on the train.
7.Whats the one thing you can’t live without? Its not one but my Aapple trilogy (My iPhone, iPad, and Macbook
8.Starbucks or coffee bean? Dunkin Donuts
9. Mc Donald’s or burger king? Five Guys 😉
10. If you could give one piece of advice to anyone starting a blog what would it be? Write your post in advance!
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