I came across CeCe, from my grandma who is in Savanna GA. She has been sending me clippings about things she knows I would love and in one of my packets was a write up of Cece. I found her most interesting, because she sells new/used designer kids clothes on her site  Spoiled Fashionz. I have given away or donated tons of stuff my son barley used. I love the idea that you can buy nice stuff and it won’t be as expensive. I have purchased my son tons of designer things (don’t forget I get a discount), so this site is made for moms like me!!  I was so excited about this site I asked to interview her…

cece sykes coat

1.Who was the first person you told about your idea to open up your store?
The first pepole I told and discussed my idea for Spoiled  with were actress Tichina Arnold (  from Martin and Everybody Hates Chris) and her sister Zenae Arnold who are a pivotal as a support system. I was torn between styling children or helping children choose the right clothing, so I chose both!
2.Whats your biggest fashion influence?
My biggest fashion influences are Europe and New York! I love the European style with a cross of New York style – a little bit of both makes for a fabulous outfit!
3.Who is your fav designer for children?
My favorite designers for children is IKKS and Burberry. I fell in love with IKKS while visiting Paris, France it is very trendy and hip for kids! Burberry is also very hip for kids with trademark visibility.
4.What is your fav blog?
My favorite blog is Young, Smart and Fabulous, who else! lol
5.What celeb would you like to see in your store buying or selling in 2013?
The celebrity I would love to have buy from me and or donate is Heidi Klum! I love the way she dresses her kids and herself!
6.Whats your fav things to buy for your store?
SPOILED! is a consignment based store, which means we purchase new and gently used clothes from parents whose kids have outgrown their clothes and resell them. But my favorite thing about my e-commerce store is the ability to provide a WIN-WIN-WIN situation between the consigners, SPOILED!, and the Jenesse Center for families both fortunate and less fortunate. SPOILED! shares a 50% commission with the donor, and promises to keep the prices of all items under $200. Plus we donate clothes as well as 10% of all net profits to the Jenessee Center.
7.Whats the one thing you can’t live without?
The one thing I can not live without is my Phone! lol My husband can testify to that! lol
8.Starbucks or coffee bean?
Starbucks all the way!
9. Mc Donald’s or burger king?
Mc Donalds only because my son has me there almost everyday! lol
10. If you could give one piece of advice to anyone starting their own store, what would it be?
The one piece of advice I would give anyone starting a business is to know your market. That is the key. I also believe in GREAT Customer Service! I think people have forgotten the rule of thumb! A happy customer always comes back and spreads the word!
*Find out more about miss CeCe on her Website, Facebook, and Twitter.
Spoiled - Koi Sojer Artography 3
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