I have never really been into going all out on valentines day, we have birthdays, anniversary’s, christmas, anything after that is just too much. I always found valentines day to be over crowded and just for show. I always wanted something low key and heart felt!!  I created 2 different options both under 50 bucks!!


vdayThis options is PF Changs Frozen meal for 2 for 7.00 Plus Smirnoff Whipped Cream Vodka for 9.00 Cactus Cooler for 1.00 Ice for 1.00 and lastly Harriets cheesecake for 6.50. Good meal Good Drink and great dessert! I only added 1 piece of cheesecake because its more than enough to share!!


If you have a guy that wants to take you out, but still wants to get you a small token gift these are all great Ideas all under $40.00.

I Chose gifts that were less expensive this year because I see the frustration of the guy, that is trying to buy you something you will love, plus dinner, drinks, flowers, and still have money to eat next week. Ladies be honest with yourself if you know he can’t afford it, don’t require he come up with it. Ask him to be thoughtful, or romantic, but don’t apply pressure. Allow the man to set the tone. Trust me I was the pressure QUEEN lol look how great that turned out, lesson learned.

sign off

4 thoughts on “LAST MIN SHOPPER…

  1. Too cute and unique! I agree… if he can afford, he should do the cheesy valentine themed stuff because he wants to. The rest should be fun and creative. xoxo

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