I am on instagram all day, and I always see people that inspire me. So I decided to reach out to some of them and pick their brain. I love strong woman who are not only are about their money/biz, but that truly love what they do. So often we do what our family wants, or just do things to have an income. So when I see woman who go against what is “cookie cutter” I get inspired. Iman Milner is just that girl. She co/founded and online magazine called Edge Magazine, she has worked hard to get her magazine out there and it’s growing everyday. This is inspiring to me, because being online as well I know some of the challenges and can only imagine her fight.  I was more inspired reading her answers and I hope you will be inspired to follow your dreams as well. Bellow I have included my interview as well as her bio. Please give me your feed back.


1.Who was the first person you told about your magazine?– my original business partners Ashley and Camara
2.Whats your biggest fashion influence?– I’m really all about street chic and dressing like the aspiring actor that I am. I love that Denzel is always in a baseball cap and jeans. Actors have this way of having an ease and swagger in whatever they’re wearing. I model my fashion after actors I respect, most of them couldn’t care less about what’s trendy. My mom is a professional dancer and my father was a playwright: I mix the influence of my father who always wore really nice, button down shirts and hats with tailored pants…while my mom was all about one shoulder over sized shirts and leggings with bad boots. She was so fly!!! 
3.Who is your fav designer to wear? – I’m all about supporting up and coming designers and new brands. I really like #DetroitvsEverybody, D Fame and the handmade stuff that Michelle Robinson makes. 
4.What is your fav blog?- I LOVE Kid Fury. I think he’s hilarious. But I also really like–she’s a dope writer. I adore this blog:  The Wild and Wily Ways of a Brunette Bombshell. Very Smart Brothas is one of my favorites too. 
5.What celeb would you like to see in your mag in 2013? – I’ve been listening to Emeli Sande album “Our Version of Events” over and over recently and I would love to interview her. She’s this really amazing artist from the UK and I don’t see a lot of press about her in the States and she’s so deserving. Her voice is crazy and her lyricism is bananas! I have Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky and Santigold on our vision board for this year…so those three definitely. 
6.Whats your fav place to come up with ideas for your mag?- One of my favorite places in Los Angeles is “The Last Bookstore” it’s this really cozy bookstore downtown and it’s full of old vinyls and great books at very affordable prices. I can spend hours in there just going through books and looking at old magazines. I also spend a lot of time on Tumblr. There’s always new music, new art and people I’m intrigued by on there. 
7.Whats the one thing you can’t live without? – Just one?!  Yikes. Hmmmmm….my ability to create. I really don’t know what I would do if I woke up one day and couldn’t create art or new projects. I’d probably just decide to sleep for the rest of my life. 
8.Starbucks or coffee bean?  Ha. This is funny because after going to college for acting and staying up late after rehearsals to get work done, I still had never really had a coffee but when I started my own business I was awakened to the beauty of Starbucks and I frequent the ‘bucks whenever I’m pulling an all nighter for the magazine.
9. Mc Donald’s or burger king?- Neither! I’m all about eating healthy. I can’t even remember the last time I went to either of those restaurants but for the sake of choosing…anything is better than McDonald’s. lol. 
10. If you could give one piece of advice to people  who want their own magazine coming up what would it be? – This advice is for anyone who wants to start ANYTHING not just a magazine. 1) be passionate about it. You can’t teach passion and it doesn’t come over time. You have to love it, it has to feed you. The amount of work it takes to make something successful  requires a level of dedication beyond what most people are capable of…so choose something you really want to make happen. 2) go into business with people who understand patience, passion, commitment and aren’t easily defeated by lack of instant gratification. Starting something from the ground up takes time…and there will be small victories but if you’re working with people who have no vision to see the bigger picture…you’ll be in a constant battle with people who only want to work for what they can get right away. 3) only support things and people you actually believe in. period. Don’t force it. Stay true to you. 
In love with all things dope and head over heels, forever devoted to all things art- — Iman Milner is an aspiring and working actress who plans to someday be a legend. A self proclaimed “fly nerd”, Iman has never been afraid to be herself or express herself artistically. As the daughter of a professional dancer mother and a Broadway playwright father, she takes great pride in calling herself an artist and seeks to inspire others through the words she writes and the characters she portrays.
If you want to learn more about Iman, or contact her personally follow the links below.
Personal Website: @bestnewactress
EDGE Magazine: @EDGEMagazineLLC
sign off


  1. This is great. It is always a pleasure to young african american pursuing their dreams and passions – as well as supporting each other….keep up the good work

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