You all know I love the high end stuff, but every now and then a low end retailer hits it out the park!! Today I purchased two coats. The first one is a Merona blazer  its orange plus its only $10.48. The second one is my fav, Its a Mossimo wool peach peacoat,  $17.98 reg price $70.00 for a target coat thats high. The quality is amazing not too far from a  J. Crew coat. I just got these last night they for sure still have them. The Mossimo coat also comes in a tiffany blue if I find it its mine lol!! Do you ever find deals at target?




It’s mine lol

sign off



    1. lol well it’s all about mixing it up, target is always a good place to start to try a trend or if your not sure about a color. Everything goes on sale, and you have 90 days to return. Thanks for reading XX Alix

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