We don’t always see eye to eye, but your are the first girl I wanted to be like. You always had that “I know I’m the ish” attitude. And for the most part you were right. Your a smart, funny, charming, cream cheese cookie making girl, with just enough bitch in you to make you POWERFUL!! I love that we are doing nothing we though we would be doing, but we are making this shit happen. You were my best friend before I new what a best friend was. I love you like we loved limited too (before it was justice) and  guess jeans (and baby tee’s). I wanna take the time out my day to wish you the best birthday ever. You have given so much to others I want you to take this day to do what ever your heart desires. I will see you sooner than you think!! kiss my lil cuz for me, luv ya XX ALIX!!



sign off

4 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANI P…

  1. Thank you…. Birthdays are so important to the both of us…. This means so much !! I am old but appreciative….. Life has been a journey… And I am sticking in with it. Love and happiness to my girl Alix …. No matter what I got u… U know that…. Lettttsss get it and take care of these boys lets make them the men that they deserve to be!!! This is our life so let’s make strawberry lemonade… Love u

    1. God is not done with us, everyday is a new day to make this life just a lil bit better! we both have not had and easy last 2 years but we both have faith and the ability to stand strong!! I love you too. PS I love strawberry lemonade esp from CPK!! XX ALIX

  2. Happy Birthday Beautiful one. I remember all those times you were at the house, just like another daughter. Remember when I braided your hair? Thanks for neon my guinea pig! I love you, have a wonderful day.

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