This weeks feature is known for a style that is all her own. Her name is Lauren and she can be spotted in the streets of LA in any one of her vintage multi-colored pieces. Check her out in her marching band head piece, long sleeve camo, black floor length skirt, highlighter pink 7 inch heel Nasty Gal boots, over sized frames, gold earrings and boyfriend sized gold watch . Lauren executed this look effortlessly. Lauren defines her style as embracing who she is, empowering women and defying society’s definition of beauty. Not only has Lauren made a lane of style all her own she’s transcended it into a business with her sister Courtney  named “HER Threads” which caters to vintage clothing for the modern woman. Lauren is on her grind as a mother, hard worker, and now business woman. This is just a glimpse of how Lauren’s personal style has turned into a style everyone wants to keep up with! To see her full get down check her out on Instagram @laurenlevi_  and visit her website www.herthreads.com. If you style that needs to be expressed to the world email me at iiamTHEJONESES@gmail.com

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