I don’t really care to shop at payless but on this day I went in every store and just wondered around good thing I did. I found these silver  metallic & cork heels. I loved them but I was not 100% sure that they were a must have. I went home and those shoes were all I could think of, I needed to have them. On Monday I went over to that payless and found them. They were $9.99. On the way back in to work I stopped at J.Crew found two belts each for 5bucks. One was the exact color of the shoes, it was reg price $45.00 marked down to  $9.99 with 50% off. The second belt was a coral reg price $39.50 marked down to $9.99 with 50% off. All together I spent $20.00. I showed myself you never know where your next find will come from?




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  1. I’m impressed you did not buy just because it was on sale. You thought about the purchase and you ventured into a store you had no inkling would give you assesory joy!

    I found the greatest scarf at Target in the Neiman Marcus section. $69.00 sale price $9.99.Marc Jacob. Light wool black with light silver metallic. Wearing into spring. Thank you for letting me share.

    1. I started this game about two years ago, called the if u would not want it full price it’s not the “sale” for you. So often we buy things just because it’s on “sale”, we end up with a bunch of things we don’t need or want that was cheap but still a waste of money cause we didn’t want it. Love that scarf your we’re talking about saw it in target when it was FULLPRICE. I stay out of target it used to be my danger zone. If its not diapers me no go! TILL THE NEXT TIME MS LADY XXALIX

  2. Amaze! You have me going to J crew looking for the sale. I finally found the perfect waist coat in a purple plaid $268 reg down to $55!! Including an additional 15% off student discount I always get at jcrew. I hope you knew about that! Thanks for sharing the sales xoxo

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