I LOVE Old Navy! I can find great deals on items I can mix in with more expensive items. Last week I went and,  I purchased 2 chambray tops (one has sleeves and one doesn’t), and a “silk” neon top. These are items are things that are needed. In total I spent $19.00 dollars not enough to buy one shirt at regular price. If you ever need something that you can’t find, or are not sure what you need feel free to email me. Like last week I sometimes just go looking to see what the mall has to offer me. I also found these 10.00 shoes in Payless but I will save those to another post.  #shopperdiaries



sign off


    1. With old navy it’s like Ross hit or miss and you have to really look. Plus it depends what location you go to. Get a email address just for your shopping deals and subscribe to all your stores that’s how I find out what’s going on. XX ALIX

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