2012 RAP UP…


2012 Vision Board…

A lot has happened this year, The biggest thing is I started this blog. Writing makes me feel alive in away that I have never felt. This blog has allowed me so much freedom. I may not have all the grammar down, but it’s something that I want to be better at. This blog has become my job that pays me in other ways besides money. I moved into a place that is all mine. That was huge!! Really HUGE!! I  learned so many life lessons. I went to visit my best friends in Sac Town and DC. I paid off all my bills. I bought A lot of stuff off the vision board. Lost weight. Learned what I really need in a relationship. Learned to love me first. I had a great 2012!! Can’t wait for 2013…

newyears vision

This years vision board!!

2 thoughts on “2012 RAP UP…

  1. Thank you for the blog…. Very inspiring!!! I look forward to next year’s as it can only get better! Great job Cuzzo…. So proud of u… Cheers to the learning experiences money couldn’t buy in 2012…. And drink up to the unknown of 2013….. Love u

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