I had and amazing holiday! I spent christmas eve, eating laughing and opening gifts. I am not sure about you but I just feel grateful. On christmas day we hiked, went to see this is 40, and went to my god mom’s to eat till we got sick lol. Do you have that one thing that always hits the spot. I have several, but the two my god mom makes are, coconut pineapple cake, and her turkey wings AMAZING!! That plus two strong drinks and I was in total and complete happiness. I have added picks from both days. How was your holiday?

eveOn Christmas Eve I wore:Gap shirt, pants, and trench. Bloomies necklace, J.Crew and Cusp bracelets, Timberland  boots, Chloe bag, and Chanel lipstick,


Cj had a blast on both days lol



Almost 6miles I’m still tired!!


On Christmas day I wore J.Crew blazer and jeans, Old Navy shirt, Nike shoes and Chloe Bag No make up just Gloss!! (I was Tired)

sign off

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