I spoke to my grandma in savanna GA, and we had a great convo, a lot of the blogs I do this week will be from that convo. We don’t sit and chat all the time, but when we do it’s always good and always freeing. We have a lot of things we agree on but we also come from two different points of reference. It’s great to see where she comes from, we both are honest and respectful of the other persons point a view. My grandma shared with me something that my mom had shared with her. My mom said “some people have favor in my life”. I thought about that long after we got off the phone. Without saying this, most of us feel this way. I gave one person favor. I decided that no matter what I was hurt about or what I was mad about my mom would always be near, I would always respect her and tell her what was bothering me and hope that she would take that into consideration. I now think I should extend that to most people in my life. For me I have the same friends from 10, I have added some over the years but most are my ride or die. My family I’m close to a handful of people, but they know me and I know them. I have some people that even if they are not around I love them, unconditionally. For me as I get older it becomes less about the material things and more about the connection. When I allow you in, your in. Who has favor in your life?



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