Dear Alix, I read your blogs every day, I just recently threw out most of my wardrobe and am ready start fresh. I’m thinking I should invest in some quality basic pieces. What do you think is essential in every girls wardrobe?


First off thanks for reading :). I think it for sure depends on your shape, like the kardashians every girl has to figure out what works for their body, and work that to the fullest. This is something that I’m learning everyday!!  I will give you a general top 10 things that are mandatory in any girls wardrobe no matter the shape or size…
1) A black pant, that you can dress up or down.
2) A matching black blazer that can work with the pant, but also can work with jeans or a skirt (or even shorts)
3) A pair of jeans that fits you like a glove.
4) A white tee Vneck or round depends on you. (J.crew Vintage tee’s are my fav)
5)A white button down
6)A Statement necklace
7) A trench coat
8)A pair of black nice heels
9) A pair of black boots
10) A pair of flats (with out a logo)
These Items are to me essential to any woman, and I say splurge worthy!!! Keep me posted on your progress, and please email me with any Questions alix1104@yahoo.com
sign off

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