I started this diet thing and its been hard but I’m losing weight. I’m eating better, resting, and drinking water only. I am now 185.6 in this short time I have lost all the weight I really wanted too. My friends asked me what is the result I am looking for? I just wanted to loose the five pounds I had gained.  Now I want to no longer be in the 80’s I will take 179.9 lol . When I first started losing weight I set three  goals, 199, 185, and 165. I didn’t want to say 165 to start because it was so far away, now that I have hit the 185 mark I am looking forward to hitting the 165 smack in the face. 20 more pounds to go!! #letsgo


sign off

2 thoughts on “WEEKLY UPDATE…

  1. You can do it. But don’t look at it as a diet, one step at a time and it’s a lifestyle. Otherwise you’ll be back there again. Just make healthier choices and get ta movin!

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